Picked to Click 2019 No. 4 (tie): Last Import

Last Import

Last Import Sara Fish

Is your cool teen texting about Last Import?

Somewhere between the memes and the plans, there may be a music video link, a screenshot of a poster for their next gig, an “I just saw Emily in class,” “Grace spotted at the coffee shop,” “I bought my ticket from Jane at the Fetus just now.”

Last Import’s Emily Bjorke (guitar, lead vocals), Grace Baldwin (bass, vocals), and Jane Halldorson (drums, vocals) are of course also texting about Last Import, though the freshly 21-year-old musicians are not cool teens, not anymore. As this very publication reported in early 2018 after the band’s first EP, Songs for Adam, they’re “all grown up.”

Still, the Last Import group chat is... probably cooler than yours. And it’s where a lot of the “melodic surf-punk” trio’s music starts.

“We’ll all have a song we hear and we send it in the group chat,” Bjorke says. “We’re like, ‘Wow, this is amazing, we need something like this.’ It usually has to do with the energy of the song.” Bjorke and Baldwin then get to work writing. Then Halldorson joins IRL and the women get to work.

This has been the case since Last Import’s members were cool tweens, even. A fourth-grade Girls Rock n Roll Retreat meet-cute between Baldwin and Halldorson (“we tried to play hardcore songs and it was adorable,” Baldwin says) led to a sold-out first album-release show and a CP “Best New Band” nod earlier this year.

Today the band members agree they do feel grown up.

“We don’t get X’s on our hands at gigs anymore,” Baldwin noted. On their eponymous debut full-length, released in February, they felt they had more to say. They understand their impact on their (largely younger, mostly female or non-binary) fanbase and took excellent care of their rental car on an East Coast tour this summer.

Which isn’t to say they’re boring now—their music is fun the way you can only have fun when you’re in fourth grade trying to start a band with your friends.

Last Import will play ABBA songs at the Entry’s ’70s themed Halloween show. Then, if the women have it their way (and they will), they’ll release more music and tour soon.

Then will be the Tony Hawk video game deal where “Money” blasts. Next, the soundtrack of the third Kill Bill. You know the one—where the little girls from the first two are all grown up and ready to fight?

“That’s the goal,” Last Import says. “Send the tweet.”

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