Picked to Click 2019 by the numbers

A view inside writer Jerard Fagerberg's brain as he crunched the P2C numbers.

A view inside writer Jerard Fagerberg's brain as he crunched the P2C numbers. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Congratulations to Nur-D, Minnesota’s consensus number one up-and-comer.

The geek rapper raked in 69 points (nice) to become the 2019 Picked to Click winner, but the numbers tell a bigger story than that. Buried in the ballots is the story of a scene so tightly contested that a single wayward vote could’ve upset the whole order. A teeming world of talent takes great consideration to parse and order.

Here are just a few of the key figures we pulled out of the 2019 Picked to Click results. 

Total ballots counted this year. We didn’t run this feature in 2018, but we tallied 122 in 2017, 110 in 2016, and 105 in 2015. Seems like we’ve hit an average. The population of voters, however, has seen significant turnover, especially in the past year.

Individual musicians/bands included on this year’s ballots. In 2017, that number was 248.

Percentage of unranked ballots. The unranked ballot option was finally removed this year after plaguing the P2C selection process with indecision for far too long. In past years, as many as 30% of the ballots were coming in with no real winner chosen, which is a shame. The poll feels more decisive without the cop out. 

The range in scores between 1st place Nur-D (69 points) and 10th place Booboo (24 points). The range for artists finishing in the 2nd to 9th places was only 10 points, so the middle positions were hotly contested.

Percentage of ballots that included eventual winner Nur-D. Nur-D was by far the most frequently voted name in this year’s poll, appearing on 19 of 114 ballots. This included an impressive nine first-place votes, which accounted for 45 of Nur-D’s 69 total points (65.2%).

Points awarded to Tulip and The Nunnery, who have the unfortunate honor of sharing the 11th spot, just outside the winner’s circle. Both appeared on 7 ballots each, but their point total wasn’t quite enough to crack the top 10.

Points awarded to previous Picked to Click finalists. P2C has few rules, but the most important one is that you can’t place twice. Still, this year, Scrunchies (2nd, 2018), The Bad Man (3rd, 2018), Dua Saleh (4th, 2018), Humbird (8th, 2018), Lady Midnight (3rd, 2017), Student 1 (9th, 2017), Astralblack (1st, 2016), Ness Nite (5th, 2016), Dizzy Fae (7th, 2016), and Lunch Duchess (10th, 2016) all tallied points, including 6 first-place votes (30 points). Those points going to eligible artists could’ve totally changed the final result. Oh well, at least no one voted for Lizzo this year. The Billboard-topping rapper has been consistently receiving votes every year despite winning it all in 2013.

Percentage of the winning artists that are male. Of the 30 individual musicians in this year’s honorees, 19 are men. 16 of those 19 (and 53.3% of all winners) are white males. In 2016, that number was (roughly) 58.7%. The year before, it was 61%. 

Number of voters who voted for their own bands or bands on their record label. You know who you are.

Points awarded to obnoxious real estate bus dude Kris Lindahl. Guaranteed offer, even in Picked to Click.

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