Picked to Click 2018: The complete ballots (with comments!)

We take this voting shit seriously.

We take this voting shit seriously. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here they are: All the ballots we gathered up for this years Picked to Click, along with whatever comments voters chose to share -- no matter how long.

Drew Ailes

Citric Dummies and I.V. (new record on total punk available now), Fashionable Idiots Records, occasional show booker, guy who was ripped off by a Gizmodo/Jezebel writer, thrash-metal meme page, and Wolf Eyes while being made fun of the guy from Pissed Jeans, all in the same year

1. Monica Laplante
2. Dua
3. Joust
4. Kramarczuk’s grinder hoagie sandwich
5. Grumpy’s Downtown

Comments: All this shit I’m about to ramble on about is directed at men. Honestly, I think there’s a lot of penance that needs to be done to get more people playing music other than guys who needed to figure out how to get laid because they weren't cool or attractive. I fuck this up myself sometimes, but there should be a moratorium on being negatively critical of anyone who is making music who isn't a dude. Even if you don't give a fuck and have some kinda "Well, if people want to be treated equally I should be able to tell them they suck at their instrument" attitude -- if you want music to GET BETTER, COOLER, AND MORE INTERESTING, you need more people participating. And as there's already so much fear (no matter who you are) about simply getting up and performing or even letting someone listen to something you created -- we don't need to add to that. Except for with dudes because most of you have been making fucking garbage since you were 13 and will make garbage forever unless someone tells you to shut the fuck up sometimes. Don’t worry, eventually when there's better representation we can all go back to being super destructive and horrible to everyone without any regard to the inherent struggles they have faced. (Just like how we make fun of homeless and mentally ill people without real discrimination.)

Here are my arrogant notes for 2018:

Whatever band I heard about recently that tries to hurt themselves on stage or some shit -- you'd better be hurting yourself even worse when you’re alone or your theatrical shit is simply that: a bunch of phony fucking bullshit. Talk to me next time you're on acid and you can’t stop staring at your forearms because of all the scars you put on them or when you're still digging glass out of your head four years later.

Also: Where the fuck are the HOOKS? Where are the fucking HOOKS? Why can't I remember any of this fucking shit that I’ve heard? Is "challenging" music fun if no one else can remember it? And it's not me that's the fucking problem -- I can still sing every Fruity Pebbles commercial from 1987 to 1993 and it's not because those are stellar songs or something. It's because at least these dumb dog dick shitheads knew that there should be something for people to hold on to.

And why are there so many one- and two-person groups now? There are definitely some really good ones, but I know for myself, I need at least two other people to help me fix song ideas that fucking suck or to convince me to throw away shit that I think is brilliant but is actually terrible. Is this some shit that the internet has done to us, falling in line with the general curation of every aspect of your life? Block people you don't agree with; shit-talk random people and then shut off your computer like you just yelled at someone from a car window -- is it now only make music with yourself or one other person so you don’t have to deal with that person in your band that cries when they get drunk or embarrasses you because they suck at tuning? I guess that's everyone's choice to make and that's fine if you're bold enough with the material you're writing, I suppose. "

Ian Anderson

Music Supervisor and Record Label Owner

1. Jessica Manning
2. Sass
3. Dreamspook
4. Con Davison
5. ar.birn

Comments: Thanks for including me!

Jennifer Andrus

UnderCurrentMPLS contributor, Trash Catties bassist

1. Gully Boys
2. Witch Watch
3. The Smokes
4. Bathtub Cig
5. Lazear

Flip Arkulary

Manager, Actual Wolf

1. A Piece of Toast (Cysters)
2. GarGarMinarNar (Trash Street)
3. Glip-Glops (The Bloodies)
4. Bird Person (OSHO PIKASO)
5. Strawberry Smiggles (Former Worlds)

Comments: I feel like the same people vote every year, and so every year your polling is going to skew older and older. I hope you get a fresh crop of younger voters involved. We're between generations for a moment, so the millennials are raising families, and the founders are just turning 18. Oddly enough the Gen Xers in this town still make a lot of music, but who knows??? Maybe it's because Gen Xers have so many Picked to Click votes.

Collin Axell


1. Seafarer
2. Ripper
5. Cult of Lip

Jon Behm


1. Neon Blaque
2. Smellkin Ernesto
3. Dua
4. Bella Yaga
5. Gully Boys

Chris Berry

Soft Abuse/Fruits & Flowers

1. Under Violet
2. Altamira
3. Soft Topics
4. Hotline TNT
5. Renegade Priests

Devohn Bland

Producer/curator/co-host of Vector 9

1. The Smokes
2. Gully Boys
3. Scrunchies
4. Dirty Junk
5. Itch Princess

Comments: I've only been involved in the scene here since November, but have had the opportunity to host a lot of amazing line-ups, which has opened the door to seeing some amazing artists perform. There are a lot of terrific artists out here!!

Charles Bothwell


1. Four Fists
2. Velvet Negroni
3. Ultrasuede
4. Ness Night
5. Naeen

Adam Bubolz


1. Neon Blaque
2. Gully Boys
3. Witch Watch
4. Soft Topics
5. Dua

Mike Campbell

GM of Cashionva record label

1. Topper Atwood
2. Rich Garvey
3. Rich Lee

Tim Campbell

Star Tribune senior arts editor

1. The Bad Man
2. Velvet Negroni
3. Porcupine
4. Under Violet
5. Early Eyes

Emmy Carter

Booking director, Cedar Cultural Center

1. City Counselor
2. Devata Daun
3. Ingeborg von Agassiz
4. Greg Grease
5. Mestifonía

Drew Christopherson

Musician, associate, Andrew Broder fan

2. Dua
3. Under Violet
4. Fanny Hill
5. Stairwell Boys

Comments: I still really like the music that comes out of Minneapolis/St Paul. High fives everybody. Nice to have fun things to do in this garbage world we share.

Amber ACE Cleveland


1. St. Paul Slim
2. Lady Midnight
3. Metasota
4. Desdamona
5. Shannon Blowtorch

Cyn Collins

KFAI Spin with Cyn host/author Complicated Fun /music journalist/music history researcher

1. The Carnegies
2. Color TV
3. Butcher's Union
4. Lutheran Heat

Lance Conrad

Music producer

1. Mina Moore
2. Ashley DuBose
4. Milkk
5. Guytano

Kevin Cosgrove

Psychomantic, Goya Box

1. Darkrad
2. Crepuscular
3. IE
4. Riverdog
5. Watershed

Danielle Cusack

Drummer, Bruise Violet/Scrunchies

1.New Primals
2. Sharon is Karen
3. Shapeshifter
4. Harper’s Jar
5. Karate Break

Xochi de la Luna

Professional weirdo, producer/curator/host of Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories & Vector 9, show organizer, musician (La Curandera & the Ritual/ Inhvmanity/ Ruby Bruce), comedian, director, playwright, performance artist

1. M.I.E.H.Y.K. ft. Boo Boo
2. Gully Boys
3. Seaberg
4. Iceblink
5. Grogus | Half Tramp (Tie)

Comments: I've been so immersed with the local music scene in the last year because it's my work, and I am so thrilled to be surrounded by so much amazing music. I'm so entertained by local acts that I am having difficulty keeping up with the buzz of national and international music. What a beautiful problem to have! P.S. I would have put Sexting Your Ex in my top 5 if they still lived here!

Bill DeVille

DJ/host, United States of Americana on the Current

1. JS Ondara
2. Kari Arnett
3. The Bad Man
4. M French
5. Al Church

Peter Diamond


1. Aaron Aye
2. Dusty Heart
3. Bathtub Cig
4. Gully Boys
5. Scrunchies

Walt Dizzo

Music director, KUWS

1. Ingeborg Von Agassiz
2. Nat Harvie Trio
3. Products
4. Cysters
5. Constant Insult

Pat Dougherty aka Doc

KFAI DJ/Minnesota Rollergirls/Bunch of bands

1. Scrunchies
2. Humbird
3. The Nunnery
4. Gully Boys
5. Seaberg

Ali Elabbady

DJ/music critic

1. Mina Moore
2. Vie Boehme
3. Dua
4. Taylor Seaberg
5. Talia Knight

Trevor Engelbrektson

Sound tech, Southside Desire, Piñata Records

1. Star Child
2. Heart Bones
3. The Smokes
4. Murf
5. The Trappestines

Jerard Fagerberg

Keith's underling, City Pages

1. Scrunchies
2. Gully Boys
3. Scarlett Taylor
4. Elle PF
5. Hard R

Comments: Please read everything I ever write. Please.

Reed Fischer

Senior editor, Minnesota Monthly

1. Gully Boys
2. Symone Smash-It
3. Dua
4. Devata Daun
5. Bella Yoga

Eli Flasher

Talent buyer, First Ave

1. Scrunchies
2. Dream of the Wild
4. Static Panic
5. Last Import


Renn Fontana

Dirty Junk frontperson and UnderCurrentMPLS weirdo

1. Granddad
2. Dua Saleh
3. La Curandera & the Ritual
4. Birth Order
5. Gully Boys

Eric Forseth


1. Al Church
2. Lutheran Heat
3. Actual Wolf
4. Bad Bad Hats
5. Annie Mack

Rainer Fronz

Learning Curve Records intern

1. Tongue Party
2. Leech Beach
4. Marx Presents
5. Ripper

Robert Frost

Composer/sound designer/engineer/studio manager

1. Early Eyes
2. Mister West
3. Parachute Pandas
4. Sumo Seven
5. Micah Ryan

Jay Gabler

Digital producer, The Current

1. Kiss the Tiger
2. The Bad Man
3. Static Panic
4. iLLism
5. Àlamode

Marnie Gamble

First Avenue

1. Gully Boys
2. Genital Panic
3. Scrunchies
4. Ulkum
5. Dirt Train

Mark Gehring

Manager/label guy

1. Static Panic
2. The Bad Man
3. Humbird
4. Izell Pyramid

“Gravey” Matthew

UnderCurrentMPLS/guitarist of Catbath, Oyster World & Mrs.

1. All That
2. Bathtub Cig
3. Gully Boys
4. Lazear
5. Scrunchies

Sonia Grover

First Avenue booking manager

1. Scrunchies
2. Yam Haus
3. Static Panic
4. Faith Boblett
5. Gully Boys

Solomon Gustavo

Freelance writer

1. Lazy Scorsese
2. Drelli
3. Destiny Roberts
4. Taylor J
5. Why Khaliq

Keith Harris

Music editor, City Pages

1. Gully Boys
2. Scrunchies
3. Destiny Roberts
4. Mina Moore
5. Humbird

Matt Helgeson


1. Finesse
2. Soft Topics
3. Wetter
4. Juice Lord
5. Star Child

Jared Hemming


1. Los Pinches Gueys
2. Gully Boys
3. Products
4. City Counselor
5. The Hon. Ashes of Prince

Comments: Ranking music is the stupidest thing I continue to do every year by voting in this poll. Please add more musicians in the community to the voting pool.

Scott Herold

CEO, Rock the Cause

1. Lakame
2. Rashad502
3. Lil Royals
4. Niles
5. Princeton Brown

Alec Hoines

Artist manager/A&R

1. Shrimpnose
2. Why Khaliq
3. Lerado
4. R.A.D.
5. Hard_R

Alana Horton

Director of marketing & communications, the Cedar Cultural Center

1. Scrunchies
3. Gully Boys
4. Annie Mack
5. 26 BATS!

Sylvia Jennings

Radio K music director/OTR Host

1. Bathtub Cig
2. Lazear
3. Prathloons
4. IE
5. Felted

Darin Kamnetz


1. Symone Smash-It
2. Psymun
3. Dua
4. Scrunchies
5. Gully Boys

Jo Kellen

The Florists/Products/Solo/Prathloons

1. The Florists (may as well be shameless, only in dreams will we break the top 10)
2. Products (is this what institutional power feels like?)
3. Prathloons (this must be how it feels to throw a rock into a volcano)
4. Jo Kellen (yep)
5. Fight (this is Toby Ramaswamy and I’s secret band)

Comments: You heard it from me: Music is a contest and I’m gonna place third.

Josh Keller

Writer/co-founder, Reviler

1. IE
2. Dua
3. Neon Blaque
4. Gully Boys
5. Friendless Passenger

Kandis Knight

Marketing, HITCO Music

1. King
2. Major G
3. Tom Cruisers
4. Musab
5. Gene Pool

JayCee Lives (Cooper)

DJ (Flashlight Vinyl Family, Hennepin County Disco Authority, Freak of the Week)

1. Nola Wick
2. John Hardy
3. Clear Blue Easy
4. Sasha B. Ware
5. Amy Pickett

Tom Loftus

Founder & co-owner at Modern Radio record label, staff & mentoring at MN Music Coalition

1. Justin Courtney Pierre
2. City Counselor
3. Superior Siren
4. Nookie Jones
5. Lula Saleh

Comments: I don't care about the final top 10 list as much as the individual votes submitted. In many cases the individual ranking has a wealth of information for new and interesting music around the cities. I end up seeking out more shows based on what I see other contribute each year.

Michael Madden


1. Nimic Revenue
2. Destiny Roberts
3. Lerado Khalil
4. LilMo
5. Aaron Aye

Aaron Mader

Artist/manager/label owner

2. Four Fists
3. Dizzy Fae
4. Destiny Roberts
5. Ultra Suede

Mike Madison


1.The Bad Man
2. Lydia Liza
3. Double Dragon
4. Rapper Hooks
5. Four Fists

Comments: There is not a more exciting band to see live than the Bad Man. Peter Memorich is a classic rock ’n’ roll frontman working the entire stage while belting out punk and rock songs with his unique raspy vocals. He’s like a combination of Mick Jagger, Tom Waits, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins all rolled into one.

Mark Mallman

1. Scrunchies
2. Oyster World
3. Lazenlow
4. Murf
5. Tacky Annie

Steve Marsh


1. Naeem
2. Fanny Hill
3. Dem Atlas
4. New Primals
5. DJ Keezy

Rebecca Marx

Music journalist

1. Denny
2. Brianna Kocka
3. Tall Paul
4. Lakame
5. Yam Haus

Stephen McClellan


1. Orkestra Bez Ime
2. Tommy Bentz Band
3. William Ross Perry
4. The Jason Dixon Line
5. Meteor Boys

Comments: There are over fifty other ""new"" groups or re-invented veteran groups that deserve as much mention as these choices and the ranking is arbitrary for these listed and the others not mentioned. It's silly ranking "picked to click." ----

Zach McCormick

Editor/DJ for Go 96.3

1. Gully Boys
2. Scrunchies
3. Double Grave
4. Ahem
5. Star Child

Comments: Another incredible year for F/T/W fronted punk. FYI, I'm gonna keep voting for Double Grave and Ahem every year until you bastards finally give them some shine.

David McCrindle

Used to photograph bands. Now I drop my phone during a FIDLAR show and City Pages namechecks me

1. Why Not
2. Scrunchies

Jim McGuinn

The Current

1. The Bad Man
2. The Shackeltons
3. Annie Mack
4. Static Panic
5. Scrunchies

Sean McPherson

Radio host, musician, friend of the environment

1. Static Panic
2. Vie Boheme
3. Dizzy Fae
4. Mina Moore
5. Lady Midnight

John Miller

I own a studio

1. The Gated Community
2. The Smokes
4. Jaedyn James
5. Selby Avenue Syncopaters

Comments: Dessa wrote a real page-turner

Mike Minehart

Photo/video dude

2. Lakame
3. The Sevateem
4. George Hadfield
5. Abisha Uhl

Keith Moran

Owner, Guilt Ridden Pop

1. 26 BATS!
2. Witch Watch
3. Bathtub Cig
4. Elle Pf

Pat O’Brien

Freelance writer

1. Tongue Party
2. Briana Kocka
3. Speedweed
4. Bev
5. Blaha

Carly Olds

UnderCurrentMPLS contributor/local human

1. Gully Boys
2. Bathtub Cig
3. All That
4. Tights
5. Dirty Junk

Jarret Oulman

Venue dude

1. Joe Kopel
2. The Carnegies
3. Tongue party
4. Wanderer
5. Knol Tate’s non-prescription eyewear

Noah Paster

Former booker at Cause

1.Tongue Party
2. Cysters
3. McVicker
4. Speedweed
5. Brianna Kocka

Jessica Paxton

Radio host/booker

1. Humbird
2. Lakewood Cemetery
3. Chris Lynch & The Dust of Suns Ensemble
4. Brianna Kocka
5. Annie Mack

Comments: Far & away the best local album of the year: People You May Know by Matt Latterell & the P Cool Draculas (who, I would have voted in the No. 1 position, but I believe Matt has won before…?)

Brenda Peters

Booking/venue operations manager at Amsterdam Bar & Hall

1. Brianna Kocka
2. Ingeborg von Agassiz
3. Oyster World
4. Trash Catties
5. Lookbook

Chris Polley

Guitarist, PRGRPHS

1. Bathtub Cig
2. Climi
3. Products
4. No Kim
5. Smellkin Ernesto

Srini Radhakrishnan

1. Uranium Club
2. American Cream
3. Sweet JAP
4. American Cream
5. Uranium Club

Chris Riemenschneider

Star Tribune clickbaiter

1. Catbath
2. The Bad Man
3. Scrunchies
4. Jaedyn James & the Hunger
5. OG Grip

Dylan Ritchie

AMS/Teenage Strangler/HI-Z Studio

1. Lazear
2. Partial Traces
3. Smellkin Ernesto
4. McVicker
5. IV

Maddie Schwappach

Music Director at Radio K

1. Early Eyes
2. Gully Boys
3. 26 BATS!
4. Last Import
5. Cheap Fantasy

Conrad Schoenleber

I'm a manager, but I haven't lived in Mpls for 5 years, idk why you keep sending me this

1. Why would you give LA Nik a bar
2. CRAVE Restaurant Rosedale
3. Chris Riemenschneider at an EDM show
4. Breweries!!!!!!
5. Doomtree

Jon Jon Scott

Sound Verite Records

1. Lady Midnight
2. Velvet Negroni
3. Dua
4. 26 Bats
5. Taylor Seaberg/Seaberg

Comments: Minneapolis has so much new talent, coming from every music genre, and some that don't exist yet.

Jack Spencer

Writer, fan

1. Scrunchies
2. Devata Daun
3. R.A.D
4. Murf
5. Gully Boys

Matthew St-Germain

Freedom From/Cathedral Hill

1. Cramschool
2. 16 MK
3. Collin Gorman Weiland
4. Fanny Hill
5. Leisure Dynamics

Ellen Stanley

Executive Director, MMC / DJ, KFAI / Artist, Mother Banjo

1. Humbird
2. Lena Elizabeth
3. Laura Hugo
4. Ingeborg von Agassiz
5. Syvers

Jesse Stensby

Vitriol Radio Promotion

1. Mina Moore
2. Dennis
3. Graveyard Club
4. Yam Haus
5. Dem Yuut

Chris Strouth

Ex: everything; current: Paris1919

1. Crystal Myslajek and John Marks
2. Kate Malanaphy
3. The Missing Letters
4. The Sevateem
5. Unofficial: AOA


1. Crystal Myslajek and John Marks: These two are a killer combo, maybe one of the best examples of “drone” going. It’s beautiful, dark, deep and luxurious; it makes my spine tingle. Maybe the best comment (albeit a somewhat self-serving one) I can pay it, is that it so good it makes me wish I had anything to do with it.

2. Kate Malanaphy: Holy fuck this is great. I mean seriously, hoy fuck, how is that not on everyone’s radar? Imagine if Tori Amos had recorded on 4AD, and skipped the whole self-indulgence trip. This is heart achingly good voice, piano, and the most minimal reverb-laden arrangements. And you’ll likely never hear it unless you seek it out, but damn it’s worth the hunt. Find it on BandCamp.

3. The Missing Letters: These guys are going to be something. They have already played stupidly big shows, and blink-if-you-miss-it shows. It’s pop, alt- pop, it’s not going to change the world, but it will totally make you bob your head intime at 60miles an hour.

4. The Sevateem: Christian Erickson’s all-star Dr. Who techo extravaganza. It’s geektastic. And probably the only record that will come out this year that sounds like it was made with a sonic screwdriver. 

5. Unofficial: AOA: The new band from Brooke Aldridge, she of 10 million different electro-pop pieces of candy that played OK in other cities, but not in this one. Somewhere in the multiverse there is a time line where she is wearing a crown presented to her by the KLF and the Pet Shop Boys, and she is carried around on a divan by latex-clad backup dancers with Madonna masks. Maybe this time…

Adam Svec

Adam Svec, Camp Dark, Coloring Time, Ghost Exploder, Fake Fir, Fall of the House of Usher

1. Trombone Band
2. Inside Voice
3. Tabah
4. Adelyn Rose
5. Little Fevers

Comments: I know a few of these are not particularly new, but I'm getting old. I played with Adelyn Rose last month, and even though they're all 80 years younger than me, they've already been around for almost 10 years.

Andrea Swensson

Host and writer, the Current

1. Gully Boys
2. Annie Mack
3. Static Panic
4. The Bad Man
5. Kiss the Tiger

Knol Tate


1. Witch Watch
2. Dirty Junk
3. Faith Boblett
4. Nick Costa
5. Blaha

Comments: I guess we’re still doing this?

James Taylor

Booker at First Avenue

1. Yam Haus
2. Faith Boblett
3. Static Panic
4. Hard_R
5. Scrunchies

Grace Thomas


1. 4th Curtis
2. Sass
3. Half Tramp
4. The Florists
5. Straya

Comments: 4th Curtis is set to release their next full-length soon and I cannot wait for it. They are not just the best band to come out of Minneapolis in the past 10 years, they’re also emotional savants.

Erik Thompson

City Pages clubs editor

1. Gully Boys
2. Waveless
3. Scrunchies
4. Catbath
5. The Bad Man

Jade Tittle

Host/producer, the Current

1. The Bad Man
2. Gully Boys
3. Annie Mack
4. Static Panic
5. Genital Panic

Kyle Tran Myhre


1. 26 Bats
2. Seaberg
3. Dua Saleh
4. Gully Boys
5. Red Poets Society

Emily Utne

Art director, City Pages

1. IE
2. Subtle Beast
3. Bathtub Cig
4. Aquarium
5. Sharon is Karen

Youa Vang

Music journalist

1. Dusty Heart
2. Early Eyes
3. Eustace the Dragon
5. Porno Wolves

Krista Vilinskis

Publicist/music licensing/publishing

1. Static Panic
2. Kari Arnett
4. The Bad Man
5. Yam Haus

Comments: Annie Mack's EP was amazing too! Loved it!

Jim Walsh


1. Jules Daud & Los Torantos
2. Her Crooked Heart
3. The Bad Man
4. Winona Forever
5. The Carnegies

Jeremy Warden

Operator at Heavy Meadow Records, front person at Double Grave, sometimes a booking person

1. Scrunchies
2. Sleep Debt
3. Marmalade
4. Lazear
5. Gully Boys

Comments: I'd also like to shout out Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories, and Brace Cover Records, and t.e.e. -- which aren't bands but are still new operations bringing people in the scene together in cool new ways.

Eamon Whalen


1. Dua Saleh
2. Alec Ness/Su Na
3. Javier Santiago
4. Lerado Khalil
5. M.I.E.H.Y.K.

Spencer Wirth-Davis

Big Cats

1. Lydia Liza
2. Chance York
3. Nelson Devereaux
4. Elle PF
5. Tony The Scribe

Erik Wivinus

Co-curator, Heliotrope Music Festival; member of Thunderbolt Pagoda, Comets Ov Cupid, and The Quaking Bogge

1. Sunless
2. Beach Mountain
3. IE
4. Lust for The Devil
5. Zwaremachine

Jesse Wiza

Music Assistant, The Current

1. Static Panic
2. Dizzy Fae
3. Gully Boys
4. Con Davison
5. Bora York

Mark Wood


1. Velvet Negroni
2. Lerado Khalil
3. Booboo
4. M.I.E.H.Y.K
5. Paqrat

Comments: Big shoutout to all the people making cool shit in MN

Jared Yakle

Absolutely nothing

1. Constant Insult
2. Joseph R Downing Solo
3. Butchers Union
4. Remo Drive
5. Ganglion

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