Picked to Click 2017: The complete ballots

This is what (stock photo) democracy looks like.

This is what (stock photo) democracy looks like. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here they are: All the ballots we gathered up for this years Picked to Click. If voters marked their ballot "not in order," their choices are unnumbered here.

Ed Ackerson
Flowers Studio/Susstones/BNLX/Flowers Lab
1. The Shackletons
2. The Happy Children
3. The Revenge Wedding
4. Charlie Doesn't Surf
5. Why Not

Drew Ailes
Shitty Show Booker/Dennis Rodman of Music Journalism/Henry Rollins of Minneapolis/Co-Idiot at Fashionable Idiots Records/Member of Citric Dummies, I.V., and other shit bands.
1. Citric Dummies
2. Joust
3. Blaha
4. Burning
5. Sass

Jennifer Andrus
UnderCurrentMPLS contributor, bassist in Trash Catties
1. Fiji-13
2. 4th Curtis
3. Yana
4. Finesse
5. Sass

Flip Arkulary
Manager, Actual Wolf
1. Kat Fox
2. Contentious
3. Kenneth Gregory Bressler (KGB)
4. Slew
5. Heavy Jean

Jayke Astle
Videographer (cmncltr)
1. Student 1
2. Shrimpnose
3. Freewifi
4. CRASHprez
5. Ice God the Macgyver

Erik Astle
1. Ice God the Macgyver
2. Student 1
3. Crash Prez
4. Gabriella Jacobs
5. Freewifi

Collin Axell
Band Member
1. Driftwood Pyre
3. Ghostmouth
4. Seafarer
5. Another Heaven

Jon Behm
1. Zina
2. Good Doom
3. Dairyland
4. Fiji-13
5. Finesse

Chris Berry
Soft Abuse / Fruits & Flowers
1. Ozone 120's
2. Friendless Passenger
3. Good Doom
4. Aquarium
5. Citric Dummies

Gigi Berry
Local Luminary
Nick Jordan
Lady Lark
Lady Midnight
Izell Pyramid
Nooky Jones

Rigel Bloome
1. Ruben
2. The Kaleidoscope Effect
3. Vital Vice
4. Nooky Jones
5. Dusty Heart

Jay Boller
Web Editor, City Pages
1. 4th Curtis
2. Remo Drive
3. Drelli
4. Velvet Negroni
5. Another Heaven

Adam Bubolz
Photographer/cofounder, Reviler
1. Zina
2. Citric Dummies
4. McVicker

Jackson Buck
Talent buyer / radio host, Freewheelin' on KFAI
Colin Campbell & The Shackletons
Jaedyn James & The Hunger
The Toxenes
Miss Myra & The Moonshiners

Simon Calder
Host, Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation
New Primals
Cheap Fantasy
Thomas Abban

Michael Campbell
Artist Management at Stophouse Music Group
1. Cashinova
2. Dwynell Roland
3. Lady Midnight
4. Topper Atwood
5. Devon Reason

Tim Campbell
Senior Arts Editor, Star Tribune
Thomas Abban
Davu Seru's No Territory Band
The Bad Man
Nick Jordan

Manny Castro
Violinist in Swimsuit Area, Hack, Trash Catties and UnderCurrentMPLS Profiteer
Psychomantic the Ritual Death Cult
City Counselor
4th Curtis

Drew Christopherson
Musician, label cohort
1. Velvet Negroni
2. Izell Pyramid
3. Jeremy Ylvisaker
4. Ultra Suede
5. Fanny Hill

Amber Cleveland
1. St Paul Slim
2. DJ Keezy
3. Metasota
4. DJ Shannon Blowtorch
5. Lady Midnight

Cyn Collins
Complicated Fun author/KFAI Spin with Cyn host/DJ
China City
United Teachers of Music
The Bad Man/Dirty Frames (tie)

Lance Conrad
Producer/studio owner
1. John Chuck & The Class
2. Deep Love
3. Whosah
4. Denny
5. Graveyard Club

JayCee Cooper
DJ/Record Nerd at Hennepin County Library
1. 4th Curtis
2. Devata Daun
3. c.Kostra
4. Leeah Swift
5. Nola Wick

Kevin Cosgrove
Transitional Species Tourniquet Noise Series
Trash Catties

Danielle Cusack
Local musician
1. Contentious
2. Tiffani
3. 4-H
4. The Switch
5. Ozone 120s

Pat Dougherty
Professional Weirdo
1. Thomas Abban
2. Humbird
3. Neon Blaque
4. All the bands on Kremblems: 26 Bats!/WTF/Lucid Vangaurd/Christian Wheeler
5. 4th Curtis

Bill DeVille
DJ on the Current/Host of United States of Americana
1. Brian Just
2. Dusty Heart
3. Nooky Jones
4. Thomas Abban
5. Jillian Rae

Peter Diamond
Remo Drive
Nick Jordan
Cheap Fantasy
Good Doom

Walt Dizzo
Director Emeritus (Duluth Homegrown) / Music Director (KUWS)
1. Nat Harvie Trio
2. p • pl
3. Dwynell Roland
4. Tender Ness
5. Double Grave

Ben Durrant
Musician, engineer
1. Thomas Abban
2. Goulden Balls
3. Velvet Negroni
4. Nooky Jones
5. 4th Curtis

Ali Elabbady
Producer, DJ, Distribution Manger/Columnist at Greenroom Magazine
1. Vie Boheme
2. Nick Jordan
3. Destiny Roberts
4. David Maxwell Jr.
5. Arvell Genius

Trevor Engelbrektson
Lady Lark
Just Wulf
4th Curtis

Jerard Fagerberg
Local music writer, City Pages
1. Drelli
2. Remo Drive
3. Juice Lord
4. Witch Watch
5. Symone Smash-It

Eli Flasher
Talent Buyer, First Ave
Early Eyes
Danger Signs
Lazy Scorsese
Dwynell Roland

Renn Fontana
UnderCurrentMPLS + Musician (Dirty Junk)
1. Dahlheimer
2. Trash Catties
3. Speedweed
4. Contentious
5. Crepuscular

Eric Forseth
1. Actual Wolf
2. Al Church
3. Lutheran Heat

Amelia Foster
1. Another Heaven
3. City Counselor
4. Devata Daun
5. Human Heat

Rainer Fronz
Learning Curve records
1. Tongue Party
2. Subtle Beast
3. Jim and the French Vanilla
4. Novacron
5. Blaha

Robert Frost III
Studio Manager at the Garage
1. Early Eyes
2. Love Sequence
3. Last Import
4. Pho
5. Do A Barrel Roll

Jay Gabler
Digital Producer at the Current
1. Dwynell Roland
2. Thomas Abban
3. Monica LaPlante
4. Lady Lark
5. Khit Kat

Marnie Gamble
First Avenue
Kiss the Tiger
Nick Jordan
Lady Lark
Jaedyn James & The Hunger
Vie Boheme

Mark Gehring
Dizzy Fae
Kiss The Tiger
Static Panic
Invisible Boy

Nate Giller
Nate Giller Productions/Shark Records/Shark Byte Publishing
1. GST
2. Lehamore-Hudson
3. Spy Johnson
4. Electric Anthem
5. Harbor & Home

Matthew "Gravey" Graves
UnderCurrentMPLS/guitarist of Catbath/guitarist of Yana
1. Sass
2. Wetter
3. Citric Dummies
4. Murf
5. Finesse

Sonia Grover
First Avenue Booking Manager
1. Dwynell Roland
2. Monica LaPlante
3. Early Eyes
4. Thomas Abban
5. Lady Lark

Solomon Gustavo
Freelance writer
1. Greg Grease
2. Nick Jordan
3. Free Wifi
5. M R$ch

Keith Harris
Music Editor, City Pages
1. Lady Midnight
2. Thomas Abban
3. Nick Jordan
4. Lady Lark
5. Sass

Jake Heinitz
Curator / Producer
1. Dizzy Fae
2. Velvet Negroni
3. Su Na
4. Izell Pyramid
5. Dua

Matt Helgeson
Dirty Frames
New Primals
Slow Clarity
Trash Catties
Rich Garvey

Jared Hemming
Drummer, the Florists, Dairyland
XOXO Tech (Zozotek)
City Counselor
The Florists

Alec Hoines
1. Student 1
2. CRASHprez
3. Shrimpnose
4. Drelli
5. Early Eyes

Joe Holland
Events and Production Manager for James Ballentine Uptown VFW
Goulden Balls
Black Widows
Yohimbe Bark
Obchod na Korze
Trash Street

Alana Horton
Marketing Manager, Cedar Cultural Center
1. Strange Relations
2. 4th Curtis
3. Cheap Fantasy
4. The Miami Dolphins
5. Finesse

Wayne Hughes Jr.
1. Student 1
2. Cram
3. CRASHprez
4. Shrimpnose
5. Dreamcasts

Ali Jaafar
Engineer, ecstattic studio; musician, Another Heaven/DIIE/etc.
1. Subtle Beast

Sylvia Jennings
Radio K Off the Record co-host
1. Murf
2. Sass
3. Iceblink
4. New Primals
5. Karate Break

Cecilia Johnson
Writer (89.3 The Current)
Thomas Abban
Lady Lark
Donna Grantis
Ambassadors of Culture

Bobby Kahn
Writer/event curator
1. Nick Jordan
2. Lonefront
3. Tekk Nikk
4. Awkwius
5. Denny Hecka

Darin Kamnetz
Freelance photographer
1. Dwynell Roland
2. Tiiiiiiiiip
3. 4th Curtis
4. Another Heaven
5. GainesFM

Jo Kellen
Musician (The Florists, Products, Joey and the Prayer, Fight)
The Florists
The Controversial New "Skinny Pill"
City Counselor
Los Pinche Gueys

Josh Keller
1. Zina
2. Fiji-13
3. J Plaza
4. Finesse
5. Dairyland

Lindsay Kimball
Assistant Program Director, The Current
1. Thomas Abban
2. Dwynell Roland
3. Lady Lark
5. Candid Kid

Kandis Knight
Tall Paul
Toki Wright
Dem Atlas
Major G
Not in order

Emmet Kowler
1. Thomas Abban
2. Dua Saleh
3. Donna Grantis
4. Lady Lark
5. Ambassadors of Culture

Matt Linden
Forged Artifacts
1. Cheap Fantasy
2. Stanley
3. Good Doom
5. Ahem

Tom Loftus
Founder / Co-Owner of Modern Radio Record Label, Mentorship Program Coordinator for the MN Music Coalition, music fan
1. Another Heaven
2. Future Eaters
3. Graveyard Club
4. Trash Catties
5. 52 Girls

Ryan Lowe
Extreme Noise Records volunteer / purchaser
1. Sass
2. Shapeshifter
3. Ozone 120s
4. Chinchees
5. Aquarium

Tigger Lunney
1. Condominium
2. Blaha
3. Shadow in the Cracks
4. No Bueno
5. Narco States

Michael Madden
1. Lexii Alijai
2. Remo Drive
3. Nazeem & Spencer Joles
4. Why Khaliq
5. Lucien Parker

Aaron Mader
Artist / Manager
Lady Midnight
Sophia Eris
Nick Jordan
Dwynell Roland

Mark Mallman
1. Wax Lead
2. Another Heaven
3. City Counselor
4. Minnie/Bluntz
5. Juniper Douglas

Rebecca Marx
Music journalist, facilitator
1. Thomas Abban
2. Humbird
3. Black Widows
4. Timbre Ghost
5. WTF

Zach McCormick
Go 96.3 DJ / Editorial Producer
1. Sass
2. The Chinchees
3. Double Grave
4. Ahem
5. Blaha

Brian Mcdonough
Music director
Lazy Scorsese
Trash Street
The Last Revel
Gouldon Balls

Patricia McLean
CEO of SMA Concert Promoter
1. Early Eyes
2. Nick Jordan
3. Julia Brennen
4. Happy Children
5. Andy Ulseth

Mo McNichols
1. Minnie / Bluntz
3. Moncelas Boston
4. City Counselor
5. Black Widows

Sean McPherson
Host on the Current, bassist for Heiruspecs
1. Thomas Abban
2. Lady Midnight
3. Dan Mariska
4. Dwynell Roland
5. Ayvah

Luke Michaels
Music Director at Radio K, bassist for the Florists
1. XOXO Tech
2. City Counselor
3. Stolyette
4. Pat Keen
5. Cheap Fantasy

Keith Moran
1. 4th Curtis
2. Sass
3. Scrunchies
4. Friendless Passenger
5. Motari Jaguar

Danielle Morris
Lady Heat DJ
1. Lady Midnight
3. Blaha
4. Bug Fix
5. Lutheran Heat

Nathan Nelson
1. Cerebral Party Dad
3. IE
4. Mitch
5. Sasha Conda
6. Murph

Tony Nelson
Thomas Abban
Low Ray
When We Land
Timbre Ghost

Pat O’Brien
1. Cheap Fantasy
2. Dead Man Winter
3. Psymun
4. Lady Midnight
5. Blaha

Luc Parker
Booker, Hexagon
1. Yana
2. Murf
3. Mutation
4. City Counselor
5. Shapeshifter

Noah Paster
Former booker at Cause/Turf Club/331/501
1. Blaha
2. Another Heaven
3. Murf
4. Monica LaPlante
5. Former Worlds

Jessica Paxton
Radio host/Booker & promoter/Board member of the MN Music Coalition
1. Kiss The Tiger
2. El Vikingo
3. Fiji 13
4. Sal Paradise
5. Anna Lampron

Chris Polley
Guitarist, PRGRPHS & Hey Remember Nostalgia
1. Double Grave
2. Another Heaven
3. Zina
4. Prathloons
5. Drumbeat Red

Ross Raihala
Music critic, Pioneer Press
The Cult of Lip
Donna Grantis Band
Nooky Jones
Nick Jordan
The Shackletons

Chris Riemenschneider
Music critic/reporter, Star Tribune
1. Lady Midnight
2. Nazeem & Spencer Joles
3. Ahem
4. Lena Elizabeth
5. Murf

Dylan Ritchie
American Musical Supply/Hi-Z Recording/Teenage Strangler
1. Future Eaters
2. Baseball Cards
3. Royal Brat
4. Karate Break
5. Tact

Nate Ryan
Photographer at the Current
1. Nooky Jones
2. Greg Grease
3. Dusty Heart
4. Thomas Abban
5. Reina del Cid

Zeke Salo
Video editor
1. Drelli
2. Nazeem and Spencer Joles
3. Shredders
4. Freewifi
5. Tay the Air Nomad

Clara Salyer
Royal Brat/ Babes in Toyland
1. 4th Curtis
2. Tiffani
3. Sass
4. Tact
5. Brendan Wells Plant Music

Conrad Schoenleber
I'm an EDM DJ manager but I haven't lived in Minneapolis in 4 years
1. U.S. Bank Stadium
2. EDM in General
3. The Bob Dylan mural
4. What's with all these Nazis at MN bars amirite?
5. Doomtree

Jon Jon Scott
Sound Verite/ Electric Fetus Records
1. Lady Midnight
2. Izell Pyramid
3. Nazeem & Spencer Joles
4. Dua
5. 26 Bats

Becky Shaheen
Music consultant
1. Porno Wolves
2. Kasano and the Vybes
3. Brian Just
4. Maple and Beech

Danny Sigelman
Sexy motherfucker
1. Strange Relations
2. Porcupine
4. Shredders
5. The Controversial New "Skinny Pill"

Jack Spencer
1. Student 1
2. CRASHprez
3. Destiny Roberts
4. Knowledge
5. Velvet Negroni

Matthew St-Germain
Label Owner/Booker/Performer Freedom From/Marisol
1. Fanny Hill
2. Miami Dolphins
3. Gnawed
4. Burning
5. Maths Balance Volumes

Ellen Stanley
Executive Director, MN Music Coalition
The Lowland Lakers
Kari Arnett
Lena Elizabeth
Emily Haavik

Jerry Steller
Dem Yuut
Graveyard Club
Jillian Rae

Jesse Stensby
Another Heaven
Graveyard Club
Jillian Rae
Dem Yuut

Adam Svec
Adam Svec, Coloring Time, Camp Dark, Fall of the House of Usher, Proofreader
JT Bates
Jeremy Ylvisaker
Fiji 13
Huntley Miller

Carl Swanson
Associate Director, Springboard for the Arts
Lady Midnight & Afrokeys
Kiss the Tiger
Dwynell Roland
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Andrea Swensson
Host and Writer, The Current
Thomas Abban
Lady Lark
4th Curtis
Izell Pyramid

Damien Tank
Piñata Records guy, drummer of bands
4th Curtis
Karate Break
Lifestyle Shakes

Knol Tate
Recording engineer
Witch Watch
Eustace The Dragon
Future Eaters
New Primals

James Taylor
Talent Buyer, First Avenue
1. Dwynell Roland
2. Mariah Mercedes
3. Early Eyes
4. Goulden Balls
5. Almighty American

Erik Thompson
Clubs Editor/Music Journalist, City Pages
1. Ayvah
2. Blaha
3. 4th Curtis
4. Wetter
5. Karate Break

Jade Tittle
Host, 89.3 The Current
Nooky Jones
Graveyard Club
26 Bats
Lady Midnight
Kiss the Tiger

Kyle Tran Myhre
1. Dua Saleh
2. Tony the Scribe
3. 26 BATS!
4. Destiny Roberts
5. Lady Midnight

Emily Utne
Art Director, City Pages
Drumbeat Red
Cult of Lip

Youa Vang
Freelance writer
1. Marah in the Mainsail
2. Nobody Kid
3. Candid Kid
4. Eustace the Dragon
5. Fiji-13

Krista Vilinskis
Music Publicist, Licensing & Publishing
1. Thomas Abban
2. Ben Noble
3. Candid Kid
4. Chris Bartels
5. Corey Palmer

Jim Walsh
Author/songwriter/journalist/leader of Jim Walsh & The Dog Day Cicadas and The Mad Ripple Hootenanny and founder of Picked To Click (sorry, Keith!)
Becky Kapell & The Fat 6
Aaron Seymour's White Sweater
Hot Pastrami
The Home Fires

Neil Weir
Owner / Engineer / Producer at Blue Bell Knoll - Chief Broadcast Engineer at Radio K - Musician at the Chambermaids
Loud Sun
Good Doom
Izell Pyramid
Friendless Passenger
Eamon Whalen
Editor of Greenroom Magazine
1. Izell Pyramid
2. Psymun
4. Velvet Negroni
5. Dua

Spencer Wirth-Davis
Big Cats
2. Talia Knight
3. Student1
4. Nelson Devereaux
5. Lucien Parker

Erik Wivinus
Curator - Heliotrope Festival; guitarist - Thunderbolt Pagoda/The Quaking Bogge; bassist - Comets Ov Cupid
Kult Of The Wizard
Beach Mountain
Anthony Amelang

Jesse Wiza
Music Assistant, The Current
1. Human Heat
2. Bruise Violet
3. Dreamspook
4. Stanley
5. Fiji-13

Mark Wood
1. Izell Pyramid
2. Velvet Negroni
3. Zina
4. R.A.D.
5. KAS

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