Picked to Click 2016 by the numbers

Numbers: Humans have used them to count since the dawn of numbers

Numbers: Humans have used them to count since the dawn of numbers Flickr; MorebyLess

ZULUZULUU are the 2016 winners of Picked to Click, but there is so much more going on.

With the tide of Picked to Click ballots comes tons of diggable data. Beyond the raw numbers, there are plenty of insights that come into the light, as well as some statistical embarrassments to expose. As we did last year, we’ll get into both in equal measure.

Let’s see what’s lying beneath the numbers in the 26th iteration of City Pages’ Picked to Click poll. 

Total number of ballots cast in 2016’s Picked to Click, up five (4.6%) from last year. Though, as always, some of them were weird bullshit (see the last number on this list).

Total number of bands who received Picked to Click consideration. A non-mathematical reflection: That’s a lot! Less than last year (277), but still a great spread.

Total number of votes cast for ZULUZULUU, the top-voted band this year. 25.4% of all voters included them on their ballots. Half those votes (14) were for first place, meaning that, if only those 14 ballots counted, ZULUZULUU would’ve still finished in second place with 70 points.

Range of scores for bands placing in the top 10 in 2016. 2015’s range was 54, with the winner (Bad Bad Hats) scoring 75 points -- only 69.4% of this year’s big winner (108 points).

Percentage of unranked ballots (28 total) cast, up 5.5% from 19% last year. Minnesotans, eh?

Percentage of artists in Picked to Click finalist bands who are female (12 of 29 total, 41.3%). A marginal increase from last year’s 39%. Only ZULUZULUU, Color TV, and Finding Novyon (obviously) are solely comprised of males.

Number of Picked to Click finalists that are fronted by -- or consist entirely of -- people of color. Despite the fact that black or African-American people represent 18.6% of the population of Minneapolis and 15.7% of the population of St. Paul, artists of color have finished first in Picked to Click four times in the past five years: the Chalice in 2012, Lizzo in 2013, Allan Kingdom in 2014, and ZULUZULUU in 2016

Number of artists who placed in last year’s Picked to Click who were voted for again in 2016. Bruise Violet (second), Eric Mayson (third), Uranium Club (fifth), and Swimsuit Area (sixth) all reappeared after making the top 10 last year.

Total points recorded for Naive Sense (eight votes), who land in the unenviable 11th spot. Last year, this score would’ve ranked them seventh. Graveyard Club (six votes, 22 points), Strange Relations (six votes, 18 points), and the Florists (six votes, 17 points) round out the rest of the near-miss class.

Percentage of acts nominated by First Avenue booker Sonia Grover who finished in the top 10. Sonia’s four-for-five showing represented one of three 80-percent ballots cast in Picked to Click 2016, as her picks of Fraea, Finding Novyon, Dizzy Fae, and Tony Peachka all took home honors. Only her fifth pick, Margaret, failed to place. DJ/promoter/MPLS.TV founder Chris Cloud also hit four out of five with Dizzy Fae, Finding Novyon, ZULUZULUU, and Ness Nite (sorry, Gym). And so did Twin Cities Twitter God Kyle Matteson (aka @solace) with his picks of Fraea, Ness Nite, Holidae, and Tony Peachka (next year, Dem Yuut).

The total number of Picked to Click-ranking bands Tony Peachka’s Danielle Cusack has been in. After doubling up last year (Bruise Violet, second, and Cherry Cola, 10th), Cusack continues her streak, proving that the multi-instrumentalist is a rightful prodigy. Remember Katharine Seggerman, who also pulled double duty in 2015 with B.O.Y.F. and Bae Tigre? She’s back in the list in 2016 with Lunch Duchess. These two should form a band and dominate Picked to Click for the next decade.

Number of votes cast for hit ‘90s spinoff sitcom Frasier, which is now available on Netflix, by the way.