Picked to Click 2015 No. 9: Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn finished tied for No. 9 overall in our 2015 Picked to Click tally with 23 points. Click here to read profiles on this year's other 11 winning acts.

Josh Scott, frontman of Minneapolis experimental band Aero Flynn, is a movie lover. His band's name is a play on Errol Flynn, the film star known for his 1938 role as Robin Hood. Also, Scott's work as a musician draws on cinematic inspiration.

"The way I watch film and love it is the way I wanted to make the record," he says. "These days, I write in a kinetic sense."

He's speaking of this year's Aero Flynn, the debut album he recorded with a tight-knit group of colleagues in Wisconsin. Scott, a veteran of the Eau Claire scene, retreated from music for years while living in Chicago. But, according to Bon Iver's Justin Vernon at July's Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, "Josh Scott still runs this town, despite having been gone for 10 years."

If you've seen a Terrence Malick film, you understand the way Aero Flynn's stories unfold. The tracks bend through various colors, full of narrative but unrestrained by form.

If you've seen 2004's Collateral, you've felt the coursing neo-noir menace of "Crisp," in which Aero Flynn uses a Korg M1 keyboard as a rhythm instrument, letting its bumps and bounces set off whinging, staticky yowls.

If you've surfed IMDb, you understand the interconnectedness of creative worlds. Film is "always tethered to something else," Scott says, referencing ties between German directors Werner Herzog and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In in a similar fashion, Scott spent years in Eau Claire's interconnected music community, befriending members of Gayngs, Megafaun, and Bon Iver.

If you've seen Citizen Kane, you know the perils of the public eye. You feel Scott's instinct to move away from music, settling into a full-time job in Chicago while battling mental and physical illness.

But if you're into Christopher Nolan, you know the way trusted cast members can put a director at ease. Once Scott felt ready to return, Dave Power and Adam Hurlburt joined him as Aero Flynn's core. Vernon helped with recording, and the mutually supportive scene vets "pushed each other every single day."

If you're not into auteur theory, this band's story might seem intimidating. But don't give up — just give Aero Flynn a listen. You're sure to understand. 

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