Picked to Click 2015 by the numbers


The 25th iteration of City Pages' annual Picked to Click is in the books, with Bad Bad Hats taking top honors in the 2015 poll of the Twin Cities music scene. There's plenty in our cover story to dig into in terms of each individual band's year, but in terms of raw data, there's much to be desired. So, for the statistically minded, we've decided to comb through the ballots and pull out some insightful figures from this year's Picked to Click.


Total number of ballots counted.


Number of unranked ballots cast (19% of total). We know assigning a numerical value to something like music is a bit absurd, but that's something the rest of the music industry has long since reconciled. For a city like Minneapolis that has such a hard time being objective about its music scene, the passivity is disconcerting. These aren't your children; you can play favorites.


Bruise Violet/Cherry Cola drummer Danielle Cusack got double prizes in this year's running.

Bruise Violet/Cherry Cola drummer Danielle Cusack got double prizes in this year's running.

Total number of bands voted for in this year's Picked to Click. Here's hoping Church Dads and GJ Neckdrug get better momentum in 2016, because those names are too good not to make the top 10.


Total number of EPs (7) and LPs (6) released by the top 10 (technically 12) bands in Picked to Click.


Percentage of female musicians represented in Picked to Click's class of 2015. Of the 41 total musicians, 16 were female, with only three (Eric Mayson, Matt Latterell, and Aero Flynn) acts not consisting of a single female member. As you'll see below, the percentage of females is a little misrepresented given that two of the population are represented twice. But, overall, it's a good showing for women — who crowded the top half of the results — in 2015. 


Percentage of voters who are male. Of this 72% (76 responders total), most are white, so before we go patting ourselves on the back about the gender diversity in this year's selection, it helps to remember that we still put the power of selection in a majority male population's hands. Yes, this population is somewhat self-selected, and yes this population seems to not have discriminated based on gender, but it's still an overrepresentation of one gender.


Number of first-place votes given to eventual winner Bad Bad Hats. Eleven of their 19 votes (58%) were worth five points, accounting for 55 of their 75 total points (73 percent).


Average number of points needed to place first in Picked to Click. Bad Bad Hats' 75 is well above average, with the extremes being 20 (The Odds, 1998) and 141 (The Cloak Ox, 2011). Only Poliça (second, 2011, 78.5 points), Pony Trash (second, 2012, 78 points), and Greg Grease (second, 2013, 81 points) have scored more than Bad Bad Hats and not taken the crown.


Percentage of total points given to winners Bad Bad Hats. Of 1,660 total points awarded, they got 75. Bruise Violet (67 points) got 4.03 percent, and Eric Mayson (50 points) got 3.01%. Tenth place Cherry Cola (21 points) placed while only getting 1.3 percent of the total vote.


Total number of votes for second-place finishers Bruise Violet, the most votes garnered by anyone receiving votes. Aero Flynn and Cherry Cola both received the fewest votes of the finalists at six.


Number of votes given to Murder Shoes (20 points total), who were the most-voted band not to place. More fuel for the existential fire, I guess. Perfume Monster know how you feel. They were named seven times, gathering only 16 points in the process.


Number of times drummer Danielle Cusack (Bruise Violet and Cherry Cola) was Picked to Click this year. Samesies for fellow drummer Kate Seggerman (B.O.Y.F. and Bae Tigre), whose combined poll position (8.5) was close behind Cusack's own double feature (5).


Number of musicians who shamelessly voted for themselves. No judgment, you gotta get yours.


Number of points given to Allan Kingdom, who won Picked to Click last year.


Number of former Picked to Click selections, aside from Kingdom, voted for in 2015. Tiny Deaths, who finished ninth last year, got two votes (5 points total) because I guess Minneapolitans just love Claire de Lune. 2013 winner Lizzo (and de Lune's bandmate in 2012-winning band the Chalice) also appeared with one vote (1 total point).

Other former Picked to Click selectees nominated this year: Doomtree (second, 2004), BNLX (third, 2010), Blind Shake (ninth, 2005), Peter Wolf Crier (second, 2010), Corbin (fourth, 2014), Carroll (fourth, 2013), and Gramma's Boyfriend (eighth, 2011).


Number of points given to Jason Feathers (three total votes), who, c'mon, should have won this thing.


Number of shits given over who should have won this thing.