Picked to Click 2014: Ballots, Bands, and Fraudulent Pieces of What?


The results of this year's Picked to Click -- our 24th annual poll of local music devotees -- are a true Minnesota fiesta. On Wednesday, the top 10 (well, 11) vote-getters were revealed here, and in the print edition of City Pages. But there is oh so much more to pore over between the doldrums of waking and sleeping at the Picked to Click website.

With 282 artists -- from Allan Kingdom all the way down to "LCD SOUND SYSTEM OF A DOWN SYNDROME" and "Paul Westerburg's suit" --  spread over 136 ballots, this is an uncensored space where absolutely nothing/everything is sacred.

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Unsurprisingly, semi-regular City Pages contributor Drew Ailes decided to take this opportunity to turn his ballot into a social commentary performance piece. Basically, he got up on a soap box, stripped naked, vomited up an entire carton of blueberry ice cream, set his eyebrows on fire, and then helped an elderly woman cross the street. Not literally, mind you. Read it.

Elsewhere, the 2014 results reveal so many other emergent locals -- some of whom Gimme Noise has already covered, and others we're eager to learn more about. Just a few that stood out from the top 50: White Boyfriend (#12), Waveless (#13), Catbath (#25), Pornonono (#31), Comb Boats (#36), New Wave Hookers (#40), the Pen Test (#43), and Ripper (#46).

Love it or hate it -- or fiercely loathe it -- Picked to Click has withstood the test of time and our better judgement as a portrait/caricature of the Twin Cities scene and beyond. Swing on by, find your friends/enemies, and stay a while.


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