Picked to Click 2013: #9. Fury Things

Picked to Click 2013: #9. Fury Things

#9. Fury Things: 42 points

A DIY streak sure can speed up the recording process -- just ask Fury Things. In one productive day last fall, the Minneapolis garage-rock three-piece recorded the five raw, guitar-driven numbers on their self-titled debut EP at their practice space at the Acrylic Fabricators warehouse.

"It was all recorded on a Sunday, and then mixed on a Tuesday," explains bassist Devon Bryant. "We fixed something on Thursday, and then had it up online by Friday. It was cool. I've been in bands for a long time, but it was my first experience with Bandcamp, and that level of speed in getting something out. And we got really good responses back right away." "Yeah, it was really quick and dirty," lead singer/guitarist Kyle Werstein chimes in proudly.

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Werstein grew up in Germany as the son of a military man, and moved to Minneapolis three years ago. He eventually hooked up with a couple of scene vets in Chicago-bred Bryant and Kansas City native Andy Carson on drums. The three gelled immediately.

"You'd be surprised how many people don't get the Dinosaur Jr. reference in our name," jokes Werstein. One listen and the connection is easier to follow. The songs employ an untamed aesthetic that is guitar-fueled, and mixes '90s-tinged angst with some subtle pop sensibilities smoothing the rough edges.

They returned to the practice space in early 2013 for another of-the-moment session forming EP 2. "It's a mixture of economy, both mental and monetary," Werstein explains. "We can go into our practice space on a Sunday and say, 'We have these hours, should we just record some songs?' It's a totally no-pressure environment."

After celebrating the band's first anniversary in August, Fury Things upgraded to Ed Ackerson's Flowers Studio for a forthcoming 7-inch. They have amassed 12 new songs that they hope to record for an eventual full-length. The Flowers experience was a good one.

"Ed really gets us, and I feel like that was the key element that got us out of doing it ourselves," says Werstein fondly. "It was really nice just having an unbiased opinion."

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