Picked to Click 2013: #3. GRRRL PRTY

Picked to Click 2013: #3. GRRRL PRTY
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#3. GRRRL PRTY: 65 points

The three entertaining ladies of GRRRL PRTY are captivating enough to host their own hip-hop version of The View. Instead, these friends' in-jokes and convivial banter color one of the area's most exciting new rap acts.

Here, Lizzo's joined by Sophia Eris, her cohort from 2012's Picked to Click champs the Chalice. And then there is Manchita, who also collaborated with Lizzo in Tha Clerb, and has returned to Minneapolis after an extended sojourn to Chicago. Got it straight?

Conversations about the formation of GRRRL PRTY actually took place well before the Chalice eventually came together and blew up on the scene. "These are the types of musical projects that people like to get into, you know what I mean," explains Lizzo animatedly. "It's not like one group or another; this is Minneapolis. So every time somebody wants to create something new it's completely acceptable. GRRRL PRTY is so fun, and so hip-hop, and fulfills so much of my N.W.A. tendencies."

A lot of ground gets covered in first single "Wegula," a song that evolved from a late-night run to White Castle, and was penned last winter. It's a sassy introduction, and showcases each rapper's unique power on the mic. Live, they're accompanied by the duo of DJ Lanae & the Hot Pants, and DJ Clean Drop.

"We just started making more and more songs, and we were like, 'Why don't we just do this?,'" Manchita says. "When you work well with someone you hold on, and you're like, 'This feels good, this feels right.' And that's what this is. It was like when you've got a crush on someone, or when you're courting someone, and you get to hold hands or kiss on the cheek for the first time. I've always wanted to be on stage with a bunch of bad-ass chicks, so this is my dream right here."

Before any clever Kathleen Hanna comments figure in, know that any direct correlation with riot grrrl, the DIY '90s feminist punk movement, is purely coincidental. "Our manager said to us, 'Hey, do you know what riot grrrl is? You guys should look them up," admits Sophia Eris. "And when we looked it up, we were like, 'That's awesome.' And we feel like we do embody that new wave of feminist movement, but in the hip-hop realm."

At present, GRRRL PRTY have an ongoing residency at Icehouse. So far the nights have incorporated other local female rappers, including BdotCroc and the Lioness, but they're also teasing clues about their forthcoming debut full-length. The latest is a single called "Night Watch." Get into the GRRRLs now before the PRTY gets a whole lot bigger.

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