Picked To Click 2012: The complete ballots

Picked To Click 2012: The complete ballots
Art Direction & Photography by Emily Utne. Hair & Makeup by Amber Rose Hair + Makeup

As the dust starts to settle from yesterday's big Picked To Click announcements, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who participated, from all the bands, everyone who voted, and all of you readers and music lovers who are interested in the results, for helping make the Twin Cities music community a vibrant, thriving scene that continues to get stronger every year.

We had 146 Picked To Click ballots cast this year by a wide ranging selection of knowledgeable voters, who all took the time to list the bands who make the Twin Cities music scene what it is, and will help carry it into the future. We've created a smooth and stylish site dedicated to this year's Picked To Click, which includes the ballots of everyone who voted in this year's poll, as well as a full tally of all 288 bands who received votes. So please, take a look around and perhaps discover your new favorite band that you just haven't heard of as of yet.

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