Picked to Click 2012: The best comments

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Zoe Prinds-Flash

Every year, we give our Picked to Click voters the chance to choose the best in new local bands. We've always been thrilled by the votes rolling in one-by-one, watching the tally marks add up for all the different Twin Cities acts. While it's fun to total the votes, we have just as much fun seeing all the heartfelt, fantastic, and hilarious comments on the ballots.

Celebrating another fantastic year of Picked to Click, we've gathered some of our favorite comments from our esteemed voters.

To all you future Picked to Click voters out there, remember to sound off in the comments section on the next ballot. Tell it like you see it; we can't get enough of your wit and enthusiasm.

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Andrew LaValle
Dweeb / Former host of Radio K's Off The Record
Someone give Chris Bierden a gold medal.

Brian McDonough
Hotshot Producer / Taste Maker / Dream Crusher
Actual Wolf Lords = Hybrid group made up of Actual Wolf and Wolf Lords. They so far only exist in my head.

Jake Rudh
DJ / Transmission / The Current
Keep picking up those synthesizers Twin Cities bands!

Jon Jon Scott
Sound Verite / Black Cormers / Electric Fetus
Minneapolis continues its musical run to be the Midwest Brooklyn, with an explosion of bands working together, doing side projects and blossoming our city at the same time.

Anna Barberio
Marketing at AEG Live
Girl Power. L'shana Tova. Vote No.

Lily Troia
Music Management / Invisible Button Entertainment
I love that the Song is back in style, across all genres/instrumentation...

Ian Power-Luetscher
Freelance Writer
Got my fingers stained red and I cannot get 'em off me.

Christopher Polley
Contributor (MPLS.TV), Musician (Paragraphs, Hey Remember Nostalgia)
Picked to Click's like the Oscars: it may not determine the longevity of art or artists, but it sure does make for a fun time capsule of any given year's hype. And to be honest - you're a little miffed if your favorite isn't included, even if you don't want it to be.

Erik Thompson
Music Journalist at City Pages/Gimme Noise
The terrific recent upswing in local music continues, with a push towards more electronic, ethereal sounds that still retain their edge and impact.

Ian Rans
Bon Vivant / Noted Imbiber
Sorry... I don't know how to type the little dangle on the c in Polica.

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