Picked to Click 2011: Sample audio and video of the winners


While we went to great depths describing each of our Picked to Click finalists in this week's issue, nothing can really replace the process of actually listening to their music. 

Below, you'll find videos and sound clips from all 13 of our 2011 Picked to Click winners, plus links to each band/artist's respective Twitter, Facebook, and various social media pages.


#1 The Cloak Ox

Links: The Cloak Ox on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp. Debut EP out on Totally Gross National Product.

#2 Poliça

Poliça's song "Wandering Star" is the soundtrack to this video:

Links: Poliça on Twitter, Facebook. More audio at thisispolica.com.

#3 Night Moves

Links: Night Moves on Twitter, Facebook.

#4 Howler

Links: Howler on Twitter, Facebook, website. Album available via Rough Trade.

#5 Robust Worlds

Link: Robust Worlds on Facebook.

#6 (tie) blood&stuff

Link: blood&stuff on Facebook.

#6 (tie) The 4onthefloor

On Tuesdays by the4onthefloor

Links: The 4onthefloor on Twitter, Facebook. More music on SoundCloud.

#7 Nightosaur

Links: Nightosaur on Twitter, Facebook.

#8 (tie) Gramma's Boyfriend

City of Music: Gramma's Boyfriend perform "We R Ctrl" from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.

Link: Gramma's Boyfriend on Facebook.

#8 (tie) MaLLy

Links: MaLLy on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp.


Live on Radio K: UMAMI - "Tim's Drugsss" from Radio K on Vimeo.

#10 (tie) Dream Crusher

Links: Dream Crusher on Twitter, Facebook.

#10 (tie) Elite Gymnastics

Links: Elite Gymnastics on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.

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