Picked to Click 2011 Family Tree

In case you haven't noticed, we kinda have a thing for flowcharts. So in the same spirit as our previous Gayngs and Jayhawks family trees, we decided to try our hand at linking together the 13 acts who placed in this year's Picked to Click best-new-bands poll -- and we were surprised at just how many of the new bands could be linked to at least one previous local act.

What's even more interesting is how many of these acts were not just in previous local bands, but were part of previous Picked to Click issues, so we highlighted those instances in red.

As with all of our flowcharts, this is by no means comprehensive (the Cloak Ox section alone could be its own neverending chart). It's simply a way to visualize some of the connections between this year's winners, past winners, and other bands you may recognize. Click the chart or the link below for the full-sized version.

Picked to Click 2011 Family Tree
Click for larger version.

For more on this year's Picked to Click, see:

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