Picked to Click 2011: Complete list of ranking bands

Picked to Click 2011: Complete list of ranking bands

While we only have space to feature the top 10 finalists in our Picked to Click issue (or 13, this year, because of several ties), we think it's important to publish the complete list of ranking bands so you can see how the points were awarded all the way down the line. And just for added nerdliness, this year we compiled a few stats about the poll results for your enjoyment.

Number of bands who received votes: 216
Number of previous Picked to Click winners who received votes (oops): 6
Number of points given to Willie Nelson: 2
Number of points given to Don't Blame Me I Voted for Willie Nelson: 1
Most anal-retentive point assignment: A voter who shall remain nameless who divvied up their fifth place vote (typically worth 1 point) between five bands, awarding them .2 points each
Most impressive point spread: The Cloak Ox, who received twice as many votes as second-place band Poliça

The rules: Voters were told to choose five bands each. Their top choice received five points, their second choice received four points, and so on. Unranked bands were awarded three points each. See all of the ballots here.

The Cloak Ox (141)
Poliça (78.2)
Night Moves (55.2)
Howler (55)
Robust Worlds (35)
The4onthefloor, Bloodnstuff (32)
Nightosaur (30)
Gramma's Boyfriend, MaLLy (29)
UMAMI (28)
Dream Crusher, Elite Gymnastics (24)
Food Pyramid (23)
Miami Dolphins (22)
Villa Rosa (21)
False, Safewords (20)
Lighted (18)
The Tribe & Big Cats! (17)
Crimes, Dead Man Winter, Malamanya, Votel (16)
Cozy, Emot, Sleeping in the Aviary (13)
Baby Boys (12.5)
Demographics, Hot Rash, Prof, The Rope (12)
Oaks, Party House (11)
Fire in the Northern Firs (10.2)
Albert, Animal Magnetism, Father You See Queen, Sexcat, The Japhies, Wizards Are Real (10)
Buildings, Greg Grease, Hot Freaks, Mayda (9)
Blood Folke, The Cactus Blossoms, Claps, Ghost Towns of the West, John Maus, Matt Latterell, Sheridan Fox, SSRI (8)
Calamity and the Owl, Hollow Boys, L'Assassins, Pony Trash, Rifflord, Serenghetto, Sims, The Arms Akimbo, The Liz, Usonia (7)
A. Wolf and her Claws, Apollo Cobra, Cadette, Cage |||, Dial-Up, Guitar Party, The Huckleberrys, Radical Cemetery, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3K and 2% Muck, Visitor, Wide Eyes (6)
Bella Ruse, Dan Mariska, Dylan Rosen, Fairfax, AK, Frozen Teens, Gigamesh, Larry Wish & His Guys, Nona Marie and the Choir, NPC's, Pictures of Then, Ryan Flannery & the Night Owls, Seated Heat, Sorry OK, The Lioness, Verskotzi (5)
3 Man Trio, Becky Shaheen and the Midnight Hour, Bollywood, Camden, Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, Dust Buns, Farewell Milwaukee, Ghostmouth, La Manchita, Midwest Konnect, Prissy Clerks, Slapping Purses, Speed's the Name, Teenage Moods, The Few Nice Words, The Sex Rays, Thomas Kivi and the Immigrants, Tips for Twat (4)
The Bad Spots (3.5)
Al Church and State, Animal Lover, AS IT IS, Badgermen, Bethany Larson & the Bees Knees, Big Lake, Bight Club, BNLX, Bomba de Luz, Bootstrap Family Band, Brian Tumors, Brothers Loyalty, Brute Heart, Bryce Beverlin Physics Lecture, Byzantine Beatbox, Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps, Cars & Trucks, Children of Euler, Coco Phillips, Colonial Watts, Dearling Physique, DJ Last Word, Domestic House Cats, 
Duenday, Faith Boblett, Flying Dorito Bros., Free & Easy, G-Hop, Glass Buds, Greycoats, Halo Sparkle, Hyperslob, Javier and the Innocent Sons, Kaivama, Little Dog On Top Of a Big Dog, Littlefoot, Lost Shepherds, Lovely Dark, Mages, Magic Castles, Marijuana Deathsquads, Mark McGee, Mouth Guitar Guy, Myrrh, Mystery Palace, National Bird, Ostracon, Petty Demons, Phantom Tails, Poverty Hash, Prostate, Pussytoes, Roe Family Singers, Saltee, Shon Troth, Stephanie Says, STEVE SULLIVAN & THE FACTORY, Tentacle Boy Trio, The Blue Mollies, The Drug Budget, The Gated Community, The Velveteens, Theeves, Toilet, Topographic Maps, Walker Fields, Wiping out Thousands, Wugazi, Young Quitters, Zoo Animal (3)
Brian Just Band, Broken Bicycles, Chuck Love, Circus People, Defend the Fatherless, Goatflower, Irenic, Pennyroyal, Radiator Grrrls, Savanna Smith, Spearz, The Burglars, Villa, Willie Nelson (2)
American Scarecrow, Blind Shake, Bobby Raps, Christy Hunt, Coloring Time, Don't Blame Me I Voted for Willie Nelson, Dylan Alverson and his Autoharp, Fortified Five, Fur Pillows, Hasps, Jesse Pinkman, Kazyak, Kill-Me Kare Bare, Next Week's Hero, Ogre Smash Death Boom, Take Acre, The Ben LaFond Band, The Brutes, The Family (fDeluxe), Vaski, Witchden (1)
Bad Spots, Dirty Dancing (.2)

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