Picked to Click 2010: Complete list of ballots

We had 108 local music scene peeps participate in this year's Picked to Click poll. Below, you can judge -- er, "peruse" the ballots of each and every one of our voters, along with descriptions of their contributions to the local scene.

For more on Picked to Click, check out this year's issue, along with the full list of bands who received votes in the 2010 poll.

Sara Abdelaal, Local band member (CLAPS on guilt ridden pop) former station manager of KUST, Coordinator of monthly dark music night; Parish.
1. Battle Napkin
2. Food Pyramid
3. Teddy and the Turks
4. Hyperslob
5. Buffalo Moon

Ed Ackerson, Commandante, Susstones
2. Fuck Knights
3. National Bird
4. Voytek
5. (tie) Pink Mink/Teenage Strangler/Reckless Ones/Pocket Genius

Rob van Alstyne, freelance local music journalist
1. Lazerbeak
2. Joey Ryan and the Inks
3. Laarks
4. Luke Redfield
5. Al Church & State

Ian Anderson, Afternoon Records, One For the Team
1. Dada Trash Collage
2. Estate
3. Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords
4. Night Moves
5. The Goondas

Bethany Barberg, Local Music Assistant - The Local Show, 89.3 The Current
1. Phantom Tails
2. Peter Wolf Crier
3. Joey Ryan and the Inks
4. Hildur Victoria
5. Communist Daughter

Jon Behm. Co-Editor,
1. Brute Heart
2. Mike Swoop
3. Tender Meat
4. Mother of Fire
5. Velvet Davenport

Adam Bubolz, photographer (Reviler)
1. Mother of Fire
2. Velvet Davenport
3. Buffalo Moon
4. Bombay Sweets
5. Voytek

David Campbell, Minnesota Public Radio - 89.3 The Current, Host of The Local Show and Radio Free Current, and clerk at the Electric Fetus
1. Peter Wolf Crier
2. Joey Ryan and the Inks
3. Bight Club
4. Total Babe
5. Lazerbeak
And if it was a prefect world and I could do whatever I wanted...
6. IS/IS

Tim Campbell, Senior Editor, Arts & Entertainment, Star Tribune
Dada Trash Collage
Liminal Phase
Peter Wolf Crier
Velvet Davenport

Kermit Carter, Triple Rock Social Club, booking department - party instigator
The Chase Down
Sleeping in the Aviary
New Century Masters
Joey Ryan and the Inks

Drew Christopherson, Totally Gross National Product
Marijuana Deathsquads
Slapping Purses
Spyder Baby Raw Dog
Robust Worlds
Mother Of Fire

Max Clark, Unicorn Basement
1. Nightosaur
2. Cadette
3. Hyperslob and the Hot Babes
4. Jabberwhorl
5. Permanent Vacation

Cyn Collins, Author of West Bank Boogie, KFAI "Spin With Cyn" radio show host/programmer, freelance and 501 Club booking agent, music journalist (TC Daily Planet), Life of Cyn blog
1) The Goondas
2) The Sex Rays
3) Phantom Tails
4) Red Daughters/Hastings 3000 (tie)
5) Satellite Voices

Brian Corner, Publicity Support, Cedar Cultural Center
1. Oriel
2. inBOIL
4. the Wapsipinicon
5. Phantom Tails

Mike Davis, Burlesque of North America

Martin Devaney, umm....musician?
Satellite Voices
Pink Mink
Ten Centuries
Farewell Milwaukee

David de Young, founder,
The Goondas
The Wapsipinicon

Will Dixon, active member of Anti-civ records
1) Sorry OK
2) Alas Alas
3) The Drug Budget
4) Bouncer Fighter
5) Cadette

Ben Durrant, musician and engineer - Crazy Beast Studio
Communist Daughter
The Book of Right On

Ali Elabbady AKA Egypto Knuckles, Producer/CEO; Background Noise Crew, Freelance Writer for Potholes In My Blog, The Mad Bloggers, and Reviler
1. St. Paul Slim
2. Peter Wolf Crier
4.  Ecid
5.  T.Q.D

Andrew Flanagan, Gimme Noise, Daily Swarm,
1. Gayngs
2. Phantom Tails
3. Chelsea Boys
4. Tender Meat
5. Marijuana Deathsquads

Rainer Fronz, Learning Curve Records
Dirty Hits
Rat Catcher
Jet Legs
(band named?) Something with a hook, edgy and dirty. Please.

Jay Gabler, Arts Editor, Twin Cities Daily Planet
1. Gayngs
2. Bight Club
3. Pink Mink
4. BadNraD
5. Waxx Maxx

Jeff Gage, Writer, City Pages
1 -- The Goondas
2 -- Hildur Victoria
3 -- Pink Mink
4 -- Communist Daughter
5 -- Phantom Tails

Nate Gangelhoff, author and musician
1. Liarbirds
2. Voytek
3. The Turkeltons
4. The Band in Room #28 at City Sound on Glenwood
5. The guy who yells about repenting and hell on 9th and Nicollet

 Jonathan Garrett, freelance writer, City Pages and Pitchfork
1. Elite Gymnastics
2. Gayngs
4. Nyte Owl

Alex Gaterud, marketing director and former morning show host for Radio K. While that sounds fun, he's secretly really boring. He most enjoys making noises at his cat, If Gary Busey Were A Cat.
1. Marijuana Deathsquads
2. Buffalo Moon
3. Slapping Purses
4. Is/Is
5. Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords

Sam Gerard, Musician, cook dude triple rock social club, coffee dude cake eater bakery
1. Voytek
2. Nightosaur
3. Bombay sweets
4. Kind Regards
5. Teenage strangler

Paul Gillis, Ripple Entertainment
(1) Peter Wolf Crier
(2) Rogue Valley
(3) Velvet Davenport
(4) National Bird
(5) Buffalo Moon

Jeremy Gilmore, Owner and Co-Founder of The North Coast Collective, Inc. (
1. Gayngs
2. Dream Trigger (formed this year and sound amazing, they have the potential to go far)
3. Vaski (Dubstep DJ getting recognition around the world in the electronic music scene)
4. Dada Trash Collage
5. The Magnetrons

Loren Green, freelance writer
Mall'd to Death
New Labor

Craig Grossman, Green Room Music Source
Me and My Arrow
Blue Sky Blackout
Maxx Waxx
Abbey Wolf

Sonia Grover, First Avenue/7th St Entry Booker
1) Peter Wolf Crier
2) Phantom Tails
3) Pink Mink
4) Goondas
5) BadNraD

Corrie Harrigan, Musician - Kitten Forever, Hired Help - Guilt Ridden Pop Records, Booker / Promoter - Psychic School of Dream Actualization
Sorry OK
Permanent Vacation

Hannah Mae Haugberg, Graphic Designer & Artist, ZVEX EFFECTS
1. Teenage Strangler
2. Blackcloud Stallionheart
3. Is/Is
4. Fauna
5. Bombay Sweets

Scott Herold, CEO and Founder, Rock the Cause
Chris Koza
The 4onthefloor
The Arms Akimbo
The Goondas
Alison Scott

Erik Hess, Photographer (City Pages, How Was The Show, Reviler), Proprietor of Noise Damage
1. The Goondas
2. Hildur Victoria
3. Book of Right On
4. Paper Tiger
5. Dada Trash Collage

Paul Hirte, More Cowbell
1. Mr. Hide
2. Tips for Twat
3. Larry Wish
4. Tender Meat
5. Chelsea Boys

Joe Holland, booking for Lee's Liquor Lounge and Memory Lanes
Reckless Ones
Phantom Tails
Teddy & the Turks
Stealing Wishes from Children

Dan Huiting, Senior Producer, MPLS.TV's City of Music
1. The 4onthefloor
2. Hildur Victoria
3. Gayngs
4. Wide Eyes
5. Spirits of the Red City

Christy Hunt, Event Coordinator/booker of the Hexagon and Stanley's, musician in Pink Mink/Ouija Radio and The Von Bondies
Marijuana Death Squads
Hastings 3000

Kate Iverson, Editor, l'etoile magazine & Secrets of the City
Blue Sky Blackout
Pink Mink
Phantom Tails
The Goondas

Christopher Matthew Jensen, All-encompassing jerkface, Go Negativ
1. Marijuana Death Squads
2. Buffalo Moon
3. Teddy and the Turks
4. Mr. Hyde
5. Cadette

Bobby Kalton, booking at THE GARAGE in Burnsville, Minnesota.
1. Take Cover
2. Mod Sun
3. Brothers Loyalty
4. Steve Salazar
5. The Beach Scene

Josh Keller,
1. Velvet Davenport
2. Brute Heart
3. Capricorn Vertical Slum
4. Buffalo Moon
5. Haunted House

Jonathan Kennedy, co-host of KFAI's MN Soundtrack
1. Tips for Twat
2. Larry Wish
3. Chelsea Boys
4. Food Pyramid
5. Little Dog on Top of a Big Dog

Lindsay Kimball, Program Coordinator, 89.3 The Current
1. Gayngs
2. Communist Daughter
3. Peter Wolf Crier
4. We Are The Willows
5. Rogue Valley

Jake Knight, co-host of Off the Record, Radio K's local music show:
The Bombay Sweets
The Book of Right On
Buffalo Moon
Hildur Victoria
Pink Mink

Laura Larson (Tardigrade Records, Cadette, Kitten Forever, ex-Baby Guts...)
1. Cadette
2. Les Deux Magots
3. Nightosaur
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Teddy and the Turks

Andrew LaValle, co-host of "Off The Record", Radio K's local music show:
1. Buffalo Moon
2. Hastings 3000
3. Wizards Are Real
4. Bombay Sweets
5. Hildur Victoria

Robyn Lewis, freelance photographer
1. pink mink
2. marijuana deathsquads
3. slapping purses
4. brute heart
5. phantom tails
5 1/2  spyder baybie raw dog

Tom Loftus, owner of Modern Radio Record Label, independent show promoter, DJ
1. Teenage Strangler
2. Bombay Sweets
3. Zak Sally
4. Camden
5. DJ Bob Newhart

Tigger Lunney, freelance writer
1) Marijuana Deathsquads
2) Pink Mink
3) Mother Of Fire
4) Blackcloud Stallionheart
5) Voytek

Vain Mainstream, Local Asshole, Anti Civ Records collective member
1. Sorry OK
2. Power of 2
3. Coke Wolf
4. Alas Alas
5. Jason and the Backyard Robbers

Mojo Marshall, Electric Fetus, Editor of
1. Communist Daughter
2. Dada Trash Collage
3. Total Babe
4. Waxx Maxx
5. Peter Wolf Crier

 Kyle Matteson, More Cowbell
1. Pink Mink
2. Is/Is
3. New Century Masters
4. 4 on the Floor
5. Voytek

Brian McDonough, Booking and Sound, Uptown Bar, Nomad Pub, Nick and Eddie
1. Stealing Wishes From Children
2. New Century Masters
3. Pink Mink
4. Dada Trash Collage
5. Jawk Jamz Live

Jim McGuinn, Program Director, 89.3 The Current
1. Peter Wolf Crier
3. New Century Masters
4. Arms Akimbo
5. Joey Ryan and the Inks

Ryan McNally, singer for Speed's the Name, Production Manager at McNally Smith College, freelance sound guy
1. Buildings
2. Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords
3. Come Fizzy Dolphin
4. Red Daughters
5. Buffalo Moon

Sean McPherson, Heiruspecs, Trivia Mafia
Meta (rapper)
10 Centuries
The Goondas
Just Wulf

Peter Mielech, co-owner, Modern Radio
1. Teenage Strangler
2. Mother of Fire
3. Bombay Sweets
4. IS/IS
5. Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords

Nikki Miller, freelance photographer/writer - Gimme Noise
1. Cactus Blossoms
2. Mr. Hide
3. Jim & the French Vanilla
4. Robust Worlds
5. Teddy & the Turks

shugE Outerspace Mississippi (formerly Chris Allison), Founder & Collective-Member/Owner, Anti-Civ Records
1.  Sorry OK
2.  Permanent Vacation
3.  Alas Alas
4.  Cadette
5.  Gabe Barnett & the Big House Jug Band

Keith Moran, Guilt Ridden Pop
Puppies and Trains
Elite Gymnastics
Buffalo Moon

Kyle "Guante" Tran Myhre; rapper, spoken-word artist, activist, educator and freelance writer
1. Guante & Big Cats! (and/or just Guante; not sure how you'll tally those)
2. No Bird Sing
3. Chastity Brown
4. Kristoff Krane
5. Mayda

Nathan Nelson, Turf Club
1. Cadette
2. Bombay Sweets
3. St. Pauli Grla
4. Voytek
5. Nightosaur

Holly Newsom, Zoo Animal, Live Sound Engineer Freelance and 331/501 Clubs
Hildur Victoria
Satellite Voices
Cactus Blossoms
Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords

Pat O'Brien, freelance writer
1. Blue Sky Blackout
2. Hunting Club
4. Pink Mink
5. FoodTeam

Mandy Okonek, Local Music Consignment/Distro, Electric Fetus Onestop
Violent Shifters
The Book of Right On
Communist Daughter

Ryan O'Rourke, Booking Agent/Promoter, Turf Club
Jet Legs
Teddy & the Turks
Mr. Hide
Couch Time

Luc Parker, industry mogul, Anti-Civ Records
1. Anders Ponders
2. Chelsea Boys
3. Children of Euler
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Sorry OK

Noah Paster - 501/331 Club Booking
1.) St.Villain
2.) Giravves
3.) Buildings
4.) Satellite Voices
5.) Ten Centuries
runner up votes:  Goondas, Wizards Are Real!, Matt Latterell

Chris Pavlich, City Sound
2. National Bird
3. Pocket Genius
4. Pink Mink
5. Gayngs

Chris Polley, Contributor,, Guitar, PRGRPHS
Elite Gymnastics
Wizards Are Real
Ten Centuries
Paper Tiger

Jason Power, Slapping Purses, underground booker
1. Marijuana Deathsquads
2. Mr. Hide
3. Spider Baybie Raw Dog
4. Tender Meat
5. Ryan Olson (should win as a producer)

Ross Raihala, Pop music critic, Pioneer Press
Joey Ryan and the Inks
New Century Masters
Peter Wolf Crier

Mike Riehle, Owner, Cause Spirits and Soundbar (formerly Sauce Spirits and Soundbar)
#1  Rockford Mulse
#2  Marijuana Deathsquads
#3  Mayda
#4  BNLX
#5  Tonnage

Chris Riemenschneider, pop music critic, Star Tribune
1. PWC
2. Me & My Arrow
3. Pink Mink
4. Luke Redfield
5. Bight Club

Robyne Robinson
1.  blue sky blackout
2.  blnx
3.  byzantine beat box
4.  sophia shorai

Erin Roof, City Pages music writer
1. Dada Trash Collage
2. We Are The Willows
3. Joey Ryan and The Inks
4. Nice Purse
5. Pat Dougherty and the Second-hand Opera

Big Mike Rossetto, Marketing Coordinator - The Cedar Cultural Center
The Gang Font
The Wapsipinicon
New Century Masters
Phantom Tails

Jake Rudh, DJ/Host of Transmission Wednesday nights @ Clubhouse Jager

Ron Rudlong, Booker for Big V's, Christensen's Saloon
1. Boner No Boner
2. BattleFish
3. the Backyard Robbers
4. Talkback Backtalk
5. the Dry Heaves

Anne Saxton, Marketing & Events, Barbette, Bryant Lake Bowl, Red Stag Supperclub
National Bird
Bight Club
Peter Wolf Crier
Rogue Valley

Greg Schaal (Photographer/Drummer for Unknown Prophets)
1. New Labor
2. Voytek
3. The Book of Right On
4. IS/IS
5. Teenage Strangler

 Christina Schmitt, musician, freelance music writer, and public relations manager for MPR
Pink Mink

Jon Schober, Music Director, Radio K
1. Buffalo Moon
2. The Bombay Sweets
3. Is/Is
4. Velvet Davenport
5. Communist Daughter

Stacy Schwartz, Photographer, blogger, booking agent, Staciaann Photography,, Stone Arch Festival Music Booking
1. Communist Daughter
2. The Goondas
3. The Poor Nobodys
4. Wapsipinicon
5. Blue Sky Blackout

Jon Jon Scott/ Sound Verite/ Black Corners
1. Buffalo Moon
2. Mally
3. Dada Trash Collage
4. Gayngs
5. Is/Is

Jake Shut, sales, marketing, A&R, event booking and co-owner of Crustacean Records
1. Fuck Knights
2. Pink Mink
3. Marijuana Death Squads
4. Kentucky Beltfight
5. Red Means Fire

Danny Sigelman, freelance writer and musician
1. Town Hall Stompers
2. Hamburger Help Me
3. Huckleberries
4. Low Numbers
5. Sabyre Rae Daniels

Ellen Stanley, Director of Publicity & Promotions at Red House Records, KFAI DJ, plays music under the name Mother Banjo
1) Jennifer Markey
2) Chastity Brown
3) Meghan Dudle
4) Eliza Blue

Deanna Steege, Unicorn Basement, Gospel Gossip, and currently Anders Ponders
Sleeping in the Aviary
Hawks and Oxen

Ollie Stench, Bartender To The Stars on Drinking With Ian, former host of KFAI's Radio Riot, and all around scene/taste maker
1. Pink Mink
2. Claps
3. Trapezoids
4. Wolvehammer
5. Billy The Jack & The Modern Throwbacks

Greg Swan, managing editor,
Dada Trash Collective
We Are the Willows
The New Monarchs
Paper Tiger

Carl Atiya Swanson, Freelance Everything,,
Dada Trash Collage
No Bird Sing
Phantom Tails
The Goondas

Knol Tate, 501 Club sound engineer
1. Wizards Are Real
2. Goondas
3. Iguano
4. Aaron And The Sea
5. Blue Sky Blackout
Honorable mentions: BNLX, CLAPS, Satellite Voices (gotta give a shout to my new band), Chelsea Boys, Giravves

Erik Thompson, Music Writer
2) Peter Wolf Crier
3) Brute Heart
4) Pink Mink
5) Gayngs

B.J. Thorkelson, Turf Club, Bartender/Concerned Citizen
Mother Of Fire
The Bombay Sweets
Blackcloud Stallionheart
Teddy and the Turks
Pink Mink

Shane Vader, Ball-dropper, Personal Best Records
1. Nice Purse
2. Total Babe
3. Howler
4. Voytek
5. Ground Zero Mosque

Krista Vilinskis, Chased By Flying Monkeys Licensing, Tinderbox Music, Princess Records
1. Rogue Valley
2. The Farewell Circuit
3. Buffalo Moon / Velvet Davenport (tie)
4. Joey Ryan and the Inks
5. New Century Masters / DESSA (tie)

Karrie Vrabel, Independent Music Manager, Licensor, Publicist
1. Phantom Tails
2. Hastings 3000
3. The Sex Rays
4. G-Biz
5. Blue Sky Blackout

Jacques Wait, Producer, Engineer, Musician
1 - Sleeping With The Aviary
2 - Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band
3 - Patches and Gretchen
4 - The Gateway District
5 - Seated Heat

Jim Walsh, Southwest Journal columnist, musician
1. The Erik Koskinen Band
2. Pink Mink
3. Bethany Larson & The Bee's Knees
4. Ryan Paul & The Ardent
5. Street Hassle

J. Michael Ward, Drummer,
1. Voytek
2. New Labor
3. Brown Secret
4. Teenage Strangler
5. Varsity Pep Band

Neil Weir, Old Blackberry Way Recording Studio, the Chambermaids
Robust Worlds
Is / Is
Mr. Hide
Teddy and the Turks
Bombay Sweets

Jared Yakle, underground booker
1. Frozen Teens
2. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs
3. Clawthroat
4. Hawks & Oxen
5. Sleeping in the Aviary

Name withheld by request
1. Ceewhy
2. I.B.E.

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