Picked to Click 2008: The Complete Ballots

The following is an alphabetized list of the 105 voters who participated in this year's Picked to Click poll. Our panel of experts came from all across the music community: writers, photographers, musicians, sound guys, record store clerks, and DJs were all asked to sound off. Each voter's No. 1 pick received five points, the No. 2 pick received four points, and so on. If a voter didn't rank his choices, each band was given three points.


Thanks to everyone who participated!

Chris Allison, aka shugE Mississippi, founder, Anti-Civ Records

1. Hayduke Lives! 2. Cell Phone 3. Bouncer Fighter 4. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs 5. Terracide

Ian Anderson, Afternoon Records, Vitriol Independent Promotion 1. Now, Now Every Children 2. Themes 3. Dynamiters 4. Gospel Gossip 5. Look Book 6. Dillinger Four -- the return!!!!!

Sarah Askari, freelance writer

1. Knife World 2. The Dynamiters 3. Strut & Shock 4. Sick of Sarah 5. Solid Gold

Chris Bahn, city editor, The Onion AV Club

(no particular order) Bella Koshka Crossing Guards Gospel Gossip Muja Messiah The Wars Of 1812

Jackie Becker, Host-MN Soundtrack, KFAI

(no particular order) Lookbook El Guante Nobot Estate Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Eric Billiet, manager of The Garage

1. Rawhyde 2. Get Young 3. Sing it Loud 4. Now Now Little Children 5. We are Bears

Jason Brazil, Co-owner, Eclipse Records

1. Gospel Gossip 2. Cortaez the Killer 3. Voyageur 4. White Sands/Badlands 4. Strut and Shock 5. Japanese Space Program

Andrew Broder, musician

1. Visions of Christ 2. The Yoleus 3. Gospel Gossip 4. Bryce Beverlin II 5. Jaron Childs

David Brusie, musician, freelance writer and Music For Robots blogger

(no particular order) Action Versus Action Meg Ashling Ghost In The Water Jayber Crow One For The Team

Adam Bubolz, photographer

1. Voyager 2. Count Vesuvius 3. The Dirty Hits 4. The Yoleus 5. France Has the Bomb

Tim Campbell, Senior Arts & Entertainment Editor, Star Tribune

1. Gospel Gossip 2. Black Audience 3. Sara Thomsen 4. Strut & Shock 5. Yer Cronies

Steven Candy, scheduletwo.com

(no particular order) Red Pens Prairie Sons The Dynamiters Mute Era Double Bird

Bill Caperton, Talent Buyer at The Turf Club, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at Indie Tickets, musician in Ela and One For The Team

1. THEMES 2. Now Now Every Children 3. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles 4. Gospel Gossip 5. Lookbook

Kermit Carter, booker at Triple Rock Social Club

(no particular order) Private Dancer Flin Flon bombers Military Special Tim Rally Gold In Defence

Josh Caviness, booker at Club Underground

(no particular order) Ohm of Omega Droids Attack Speak of the Devil Hangover Toy Company The Grande Machine

Max Clark, musician, Unicorn Basement, Owner of Unnecessary Friction Records and Castle Greyskull

1. Kitten Forever 2. Small White 3. Cellphone 4. Les Deux Maggots 5. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs

Cyn Collins, author of West Bank Boogie, freelance music writer and cohost of KFAI's Dig Up the Roots

(no particular order) Magic Castles Dark Dark Dark Dreamland Faces Black Audience The Dangerboard

Brian Corner, Publicity Support, Cedar Cultural Center

1. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles 2. Black Audience 3. Orange Mighty Trio 4. A Night in the Box 5. The Floorbirds

Christina Coughlin, co-founder, Never Ender World Cult label

1. Bouncer Fighter 2. Leisure Birds 3. Invisible Boy 4. Daughters of the Sun 5. Cell Phone

Paul Creager, organizer of the Square Lake Film & Music Festival

(no particular order) The Dad in Common Big Quarters Luke's Angels Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles Magic Castles

Mike Davis, Burlesque of North America

1. The Millionth Word 2. I have no idea what other new bands showed up this year, but Millionth Word are better than all of them.

Martin Devaney, Eclectone Records

(no particular order) Wars of 1812 The 757s Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble The Millionth Word The Evening Rig

David de Young, founder, HowWasTheShow.com

1. The 757s 2. Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles 3. Strangelights 4. Ruby Isle (Partly from Athens, GA, but I’m calling them local because of Mallman.) 5. Wars of 1812

Ben Durrant, Crazy Beast Studios

(no particular order) Now, Now Every Children Muja Messiah Daughters of the Sun Brad Senne Bon Iver

Javelin P. Elliott, freelance artist, aficionado 1. Bouncer Fighter 2. Hayduke Lives! 3. Avril Eden 4. Webby Moore 5. Mystery Six

Trevor Engelbrektson, live sound/booking at Nomad World Pub

1. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapeles 2. Fuck Knights 3. Maria Isa 4. The Shortcuts 5. Brian Herb and His Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence

Rainer Fronz, Intern at Learning Curve Records

1. Off With Their Heads 2. Private Dancer 3. Holy Ghostriders 4. the Talkers 5. Dear Landlord

Nate Gangelhoff, author of You Idiot, writer, bassist

1. The Manix 2. Straight As 3. Amen and the Hell Yeahs 4. The Talkers 5. Apocalypse Meow

Paul Gillis, Principal of Ripple Entertainment, LLC

1. Greycoats (formerly called North) 2. Best Friends Forever 3. The Parlour Suite 4. The Wars of 1812 5. Wishbook

Craig Grossman, Green Room Music Source

(no particular order) Maudlin Greycoats Bella Koshka Strange Lights Speed's The Name

Sonia Grover, Booker at First Avenue/7th St. Entry

1. Gospel Gossip 2. The MoonGoons 3. Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles 4. Yer Cronies 5. Lookbook

David Hansen, City Pages contributor

(no particular order) Knife World Kitten Forever Unicorn Basement Voyager Slapping Purses

Corrie Harrigan, Booker & Promoter for The Pocketnife, Drummer for Kitten Forever, Co-Owner of Tardigrade Records

1. Unicorn Basement 2. Les Deux Magots 3. Atomic Annie 4. The Vignettes 5. Hangun Man

Taylor Harris, TEVS contributor

1. Cat Attack 2. France Has The Bomb 3. Voyager 4. Private Dancer 5. Yoleus

Matt Helgeson, TEVS contributor, Maps of Norway bassist

1. Gospel Gossip 2. The Sleaze 3. Voyager 4. Tiger Gang 5. Lambs

Brandon Henry, publicist for Red House Records, performer (Art Vandalay, Gumption Trap), KFAI volunteer

1. Jaspar Lepak 2. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapels 3. Adam Svec 4. Mother Banjo 5. Ashley Gold

Tom Herbers, Third Ear Recording Studio

(no particular order) Heatdeath The Millionth Word Two Many Banjos Magic Castles Skirt

Paul Hirte, More Cowbell

(no particular order) Military Special Mystery Palace Michelle, Lucy Magic Castles Marvelle

Joe Holland, Booking agent for Big V's and Lee's Liquor Lounge

(no particular order) Bitch and Brown Rope Trick The Shortcuts Mystery Palace Kitten Forever

Rich Horton, Rift Magazine

1. Zoo Animal 2. Brian Just 3. Tuesday’s Robot 4. Ghost In The Water 5. The Small Cities

Christy Hunt, Booker/promoter/musician

1. Gospel Gossip 2. France Has the Bomb 3. Condos$ 4. Unicorn Basement 5. The Dirty Hits

Kate Iverson, editor of letoilemagazine.com & A+E editor of The Rake

1. Solid Gold 2. Unicorn Dream Attack 3. Dark Dark Dark 4. The Parlour Suite 5. Black Audience

Christopher Matthew Jensen, writer, musician, engineer

1. Slapping Purses 2. The Vignettes 3. The Sinks 4. Nancy Drew Crew 5. Tiger Gang

Alexa Jones, concert photographer

(no particular order) The Wars of 1812 Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble The Absent Arch Gospel Gossip The Evening Rig

Jonathan Kennedy, KFAI’s MN Soundtrack

1. Voyager 2. Slapping Purses 3. Terracide 4. Sarah Johnson 5. Knife World

Lindsay Kimball, Music Assistant, 89.3 The Current

1. Big Trouble 2. Jayber Crow 3. Hyder Ali 4. Ghost in the Water 5. Dynamiters

Jesse Kwakenat, bassist, Heroine Sheiks, STNNNG, Private Dancer

(no particular order) The Sleaze Knife World Private Dancer France Has the Bomb The Dyn-o-miters

Tom Loftus, Owner of Modern Radio Record Label, independent show promoter

1. Jim and the French Vanilla 2. France Has The Bomb 3. HeatdeatH 4. Visions of Christ 5. Voyager

Bob Longmore, Editor of HowWasTheShow.com and freelance writer

1. The Evening Rig 2. Wars of 1812 3. Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles 4. Sick of Sarah 5. The Small Cities

Ryan Lowe, Buyer, Board of Directors, Extreme Noise Records

1. Condominium 2. Lambs 3. Les Deux Magots 4. Totally Harsh 5. Sharp Teeth

Tigger Lunney, TEVS contributor

1. Double Bird

Nik Maier, booker for Castle Greyskull, partner of UF Records

1. Unicorn Basement 2. Bouncer Fighter 3. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs 4. Kitten Forever 5. Cell Phone

Mojo Marshall, Editor, Switchbladecomb.com

(no particular order) Small White Dark Dark Dark Hand Over Fist The Shortcuts Muja Messiah

James “Taco” Martin, E Company Productions / The Cabooze

1. A Night In The Box 2. The Histronic 3. The Millionth Word 4. Acoustic Beatdown 5. Transposers

Kyle Matteson, More Cowbell, Reveille Magazine

1. The Absent Arch 2. Lucy Michell and The Velvet Lapelles 3. Crescent Moon Is In Big Trouble 4. Lookbook 5. Western Fifth

Brian McDonough, Uptown Bar Booking, 2020 US Presidential Candidate

1. Mystery Palace 2. LookBook 3. Fuck Knights 4. Economy Team 5. The Guystorm

Steve McPherson, Managing Editor, Reveille Magazine

1. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles 2. Muja Messiah 3. Yer Cronies 4. Lookbook 5. The Wars of 1812

Jim Meyer, freelance eminence grise (Ret.)

1. MLB (Metzger/Linz/Bates) 2. Grateful for the Dead (Donahue) 3. Starfolk (Tighe/LaBonne/Ittner) 4. Mike Linden 5. Stephanie Wieseler Honorable Mention: M.anifest

Peter Mielech, Owner of Modern Radio Record Label

1. Jim & the French Vanilla 2. France has the Bomb 3. Whitesand Badlands 4. Gospel Gossip 5. Dynamiters

Nikki Miller, Chief Taxidermist, Stuffed Pheasant

1. Sun Giant/Lookbook 2. Themes 3. Spiritual Mansions 4. France Has the Bomb 5. The Dynamiters

Keith Moran, Guilt Ridden Pop

(no particular order) Kitten Forever Lookbook Strut and Shock Strange Lights Red Pens

Joe Nelson, TEVS co-editor, Eclipse Records co-concert booker

1. Voyager 2. Whitesand/Badlands 3. Double Bird 4. The Sleaze 5. Wire Hangers

Pat O’Brien, freelance writer

1. Wars Of 1812 2. The 757s 3. Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles 4. Crossing Guards 5. Jayber Crow

Pushkar Ojha, Radio K Music Director

(no particular order) Gospel Gossip Lookbook Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles The Dynamiters Magic Castles

Neil Olstad, writer, musician

1. The Golden Bubbles 2. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles 3. Vampire Hands 4. Nobot 5. Nancy Drew Crew

Jen Paulson, freelance writer

(no particular order) Muja Messiah Yer Cronies Wars of 1812 Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles Private Dancer

Matt Perkins, Nomad World Pub, Perkins Productions, MPR

(no particular order) Solid Gold Big Trouble Mystery Palace Roma di Luna Koo Koo Kangaroo

Chris Polley, freelance writer, host of Radio K’s Now Like Photographs

(no particular order) Empires Falcon Arrow Gospel Gossip The Dynamiters HeatdeatH

David Rachac, Principal Partner of Draw Fire Records and staff writer for Howwastheshow.com

1. Sick of Sarah 2. The Wars of 1812 3. The Evening Rig 4. Gospel Gossip 5. Heatherlyn

Ross Raihala, Pop music critic, Pioneer Press

(no particular order) Gospel Gossip Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles The 757s Small Cities Yer Cronies

Ian Rans, host of Drinking With Ian

1. Plastic Chord 2. Disasteratti 3. Romantica 4. Gospel Gossip 5. France Has The Bomb

Nate Rastetter, Co-host of Out of Step, 770 Radio K; Board of Directors, Extreme Noise Records

(no particular order) Off With Their Heads The Agenda Sinks Retainers Banner Pilot

Chris Riemenschneider, music critic for the Star Tribune

1. Yer Cronies 2. City on the Make 3. The Haves Have It 4. Strut & Shock 5. Rockford Mules 6. Mark Olson & Gary Louris* (*kidding; sorta)

Chris Roberts, host of The Local Show on 89.3 The Current

(no particular order) Patches and Gretchen Lucy Michell & the Velvet Lapels The Dynamiters France Has the Bomb Aby Wolf

Robyne Robinson, Fox 9 News

(no particular order) Sunshine Behavior Bella Koshka Muja Messiah

Jake Rudh, Transmission DJ

(no particular order) Gospel Gossip Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Seth Ryan, Anti-Civ Collective

1. Heyduke Lives 2. Cell Phone 3. Bouncer Fighter 4. Render Meat 5. Visions of Christ

Greg Schaal, freelance photographer

1. Private Dancer 2. France Has the Bomb 3. The Sleaze 4. Double Bird 5. Dynamiters

Justin Schell, Writer/Filmmaker, Twin Cities Daily Planet, 612to651.com

(no particular order) Nancy Drew Crew Usual Suspects Dance Band Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie

Christina Schmitt, musician, publicist for Minnesota Public Radio

1. F@ Knights 2. Black Audience 3. France Has the Bomb 4. Kitten Forever 5. Dynamiters

Peter S. Scholtes, music journalist, complicatedfun.com

1. Aby Wolf 2. Chantel SinGs 3. Loe and the Nastys 4. Indigo 5. El Guante

Phil Schwartz, Volunteer, Extreme Noise Records; CEO, Rock Bottom Records; DIY show promoter, Alamo House

(no particular order) Condominium Les Duex Magot The Sleaze

Stacy Schwartz, Photo Editor for HowWasTheShow.com, freelance photographer

1. Jayber Crow 2. Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles 3. The Absent Arch 4. Capitol Jay 5. Wars of 1812

Jon Jon Scott, Black Corners, Music Editor for The Liberator Magazine

1. Muja Messiah 2. Aby Wolf 3. Dodi Phi 4. Lookbook 5. St.Paul Slim 5. Mux Mool

Joe Selinski, musician, The Dad in Common

1. HeatdeatH 2. The Yoleus 3. Black Cat N Bones 4. Alexandra St Germain 5. Whitesand/Badland

Danny Sigelman, DJ

1. Black Audience 2. Cay-Riss 3. Sabyre Rae Daniels 4. Suzanne Vaillie 5. HeatdeatH

Ezra Silver, TEVS Editor

(no particular order) Double Bird Whitesand/Badlands The Sleaze Cortez The Killer France Has The Bomb

Jerry Steller, Owner/Radio Promoter for Vitriol Promotion

1. Lookbook 2. Ghost in the Water 3. Evening Rig 4. Gospel Gossip 5. Now, Now Every Children

Greg Swan, managing editor, PerfectPorridge.com

(no particular order) Small White Yer Cronies Ghost in the Water Sick of Sarah The 757s

Nate Swenson, TEVS contributor

1. Private Dancer 2. Slapping Purses 3. Soaking Rasps 4. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs 5. Banner Pilot

Ellen Stanley, Director of Publicity & Promotions at Red House Records

(no particular order) Mother Banjo Brianna Lane The High 48’s The Brass Kings Art Vandalay

Erik Stromstad, Technical & Music Booking Director, Varsity Theater

1. The Wars of 1812 2. Greycoats 3. Swimming with Dolphins 4. Breanne Duren 5. Ready Goes

Tom Sullivan, 400 Bar

(no particular order) Jen Seay Will Tolle City on the Make Rope Trick The Edina High School Marching Band

Drew Temperante, Deep Cookie

1. Bouncer Fighter 2. The Usual SuspectS 3. The Cryphaholics 4. Hayduke Lives! 5. Cell Phone

Chuck Terhark, Associate Editor, Metro Magazine

(no particular order) Bon Iver Solid Gold Gospel Gossip Private Dancer City on the Make

Rayna Terror, Palmfest coordinator

1. Lambs 2. Terracide 3. Totally Harsh 4. Cortez the Killer 5. Dreamland Faces Party Band

Heidi Vader, former DEMO board member, lifetime local music appreciator

(no particular order) Gospel Gossip Daughters of the Sun Vampire Hands Spiritual Mansions The Brass Kings

Peter Vader, writer, TEVS contributor

1. Gospel Gossip 2. Vampire Hands 3. Knife World 4. The Sleaze 5. Dynamiters

Rob van Alstyne, journalist, METRO, Reveille Magazine

1. Cataldo 2. Jeremy Messersmith (I know I voted for him last year but he inexplicably didn't place) 3. The Evening Rig 4. Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble 5. To Reinvent

Krista Vilinskis, Tinderbox Music Publicist & Princess Records Co-Owner

1. The Small Cities 2. Glorious Monster 3. The Deaths 4. Yer Cronies 5. Doomtree

Jacques Wait, Engineer, Producer, Musician

(no particular order) The Red Flags Aquafox Kill To Kill Erik and the Savages The No Nos

Isabel Waryan, Musician, Anti-Civ Records

1. Bouncer Fighter 2. Chickadee Mountain Martyrs 3. A Paper Cup Band 4. Cell Phone 5. Hayduke Lives

Carl Wedoff, photographer

1. Togetherness 2. Slapping Purses 3. Voyager 4. Soaking Rasps 5. Private Dancer

Neil Weir, Owner/engineer at The Old Blackberry Way Recording Studio; guitarist/vocalist in The Chambermaids

(no particular order) Double Bird Private Dancer Gospel Gossip The Dynamiters France Has The Bomb

Jim Walsh, writer

(no particular order) Ashleigh Fumich Rick Robot Eliza Blue John Swardson The 757’s

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