Piano demolition, Twitter hookups, and slam dunks in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Smash that piano, Twins of Franklin!

Smash that piano, Twins of Franklin! YouTube

Nazareth was right: Love hurts.

It scars. It wounds and marks. And this week, it’s an inescapable presence. Even people who are in love dread this week. Goddamn it, Valentine’s Day, it’s only Tuesday, and the weekly forecast is already shot.

But fear not: There are no love songs this week in Local Frames. At least not traditional ones. We won’t glorify romantic commodification. We won’t heap hearts and chocolates on your already busy day. No, we’ll acknowledge it here in this little-read soapbox, and that’ll be it. The rest of the week is in your hands, Twin Cities.

The Twins of Franklin – “What’s the Point” (PREMIERE)

The good news for Valentine’s Day is that the Twins of Franklin will be releasing their debut LP Low. Becky Shaheen and Laura Lou, who aren’t actually twins, have been recording together for three years, and over that time, they’ve developed a deep synchronicity. Together, they’re a force, and doesn’t the piano in the video for “What’s the Point” know it. The wooden upright instrument is the recipient of a dayglo beatdown from the Twins, who celebrate the release of their record with axes, color powder, and director Wade Wojcik. The Twins of Franklin play Icehouse on February 20.

Twain ft. Christina Sophia – “Long Distance II (DM Girl)”

If you’ve watched The Circle, you know how difficult it can be to meet people online. Twain doesn’t do the Tinder thing. Instead, he meets his girls in the DMs, flipping them from follower to lover with a few choice lines. He tabs Minneapolis singer Christina Sophia to help take his message to main. “Long Distance II (DM Girl)” comes from Twain’s Central Standard Time, which is due out on February 28. Jake Lundell directs the video.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo ft. Harlem Globtrotters – “My Jam”

The Harlem Globetrotters have been delighting children for generations. Koo Koo Kanga Roo have been doing the same for 13 years. So the two coming together for a stomping dance jam makes perfect sense. (Also, Koo Koo rapper Neil Olstad hosts a Timberwolves podcast). From the first note, you can imagine this amp-up track pumping through arena speakers, whipping the crowd into a frenzy for the Globetrotters’ acrobatics on the court. Ballers Hammer, Bull, Speedy, and Dazzle join the rapping pair and director Nick Abdo for the video, giving viewers a taste of what to expect on the team’s Pushing the Limits World Tour. Not looking great for the Washington Generals.

Jenny Def – “Cudi”

The upcoming mixtape Shadowplay brings together Telenovella, Lake Wretch, Andy Kell, and Jenny Def to tell the story of “growing up poor and fucked up in a small town.” Def’s single “Cudi” is our first taste of what that sounds like. The song is a distorted, lo-fi scramble, and director Talulah Paisley carries that unsettling feeling into its video. In quick, saturated cuts, we see Def lighting up cigarettes and moping around an industrial park, trying to shed some of the baggage of his upbringing.

Beertè – “Tightrope”

Beertè’s message is simple: “All it takes is one positive moment to change everything.” The world might seem like a fucked up mess full of miserable people, but there’s good news on the horizon. There has to be. The Modest Music rapper delivers this message through his new video, where Beertè’s day goes from bad to worse until a helping hand steps in to redeem it all. Watch and apply to your life the next time you’re feeling beat up.

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