Photos: Phoenix acoustic in-store at the Fetus


A couple hundred fans who purchased copies of Phoenix's most recent album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, were treated to an intimate acoustic performance this afternoon at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. The quartet played a handful of songs, most off their new release, and even the bouncier electro songs sounded great in the pared-down setting with just two acoustic guitars and a little keyboard. The band are in town to play First Avenue tonight, and lead singer Thomas Mars said they have been waiting their whole lives to play the Minneapolis rock club.

Here's the set list (or set liszt, perhaps) from today's in-store performance: Lisztomania, One Time, Long Distance Call, Playground Love, 1901.

Afterwards, the band stuck around to sign custom-made lithograph posters, which were designed by local artist/actor/blogger/Gimme Noise contributor Carl Atiya Swanson.