Photos: Electric Fetus, neighborhood tornado damage


After we heard about the Electric Fetus being hit by a tornado this afternoon, we headed down to the store to get a look at the damage. The firetrucks that were initially called to the scene had all been replaced by news vans, and a reporter from seemingly every major station (Fox 9, Kare 11, KSTP) was at the store taking footage of the damage.

All told, the tornado took out one of the large plate glass windows on the storefront and tore apart the roof. Manager Bob Fuchs says that the tornado lifted up a 700-pound air conditioning unit and threw it onto another part of the roof, causing what looks to be some pretty serious damage. Most of the impact was centered over the gift department of the store.

At the time I arrived at the store, the building had been evacuated and they were waiting for the gas company to come investigate a possible leak. Fuchs says that he and his employees smelled gas, and they knew to call the fire department and clear out the building.

Here are some photos I took from outside the Electric Fetus, as well as some shots of damage in the surrounding area. Most of the damage appears to be centered around the intersection of Franklin and 4th Ave. S., stretching down to 18th St.