Phoenix tonight at the Varsity Theater

Phoenix tonight at the Varsity Theater

So cool, so French. Phoenix.

First, let us assure you that, despite a heat induced mania and lingering dehydration from a weekend of mischief and merrymaking, we will not be stopped from attending tonight's Phoenix show. The heat, the scarcity of tickets, and our seething disgust with others is no match for Phoenix's astonishingly melodic brand of funk and R and B.

Is it lingering nostalgia for the golden days of Jamiroquai that have us so keenly tuned in to Phoenix? Maybe. But, honestly, Jamiroquai wasn't that big a deal (domestically anyway). And certainly not a big enough deal to explain the fact that Phoenix, who draws obvious inspiration from the big J, sold out the Varsity in pre-sale, and tickets to get in are popping up on Craigslist for $100 apiece, and above.

Well, it's plain good music, and like their peers Daft Punk and Air, their vitality is drawn from a vast wellspring of musical touchpoints. Hall and Oates, house music, Prince, MJ-- it's a music curated from everything good n' popular, boiled into a buttery reduction and sanitized for your protection.

There's not one rough edge on Phoenix's music. Like a stainless steel table, everything has been buffed and polished to a high shine. Look closely enough at it and you can almost see yourself.

Sure. It might be hot as hell. and maybe a dance party at the Varsity isn't exactly what your clammy hide needs. But when it comes to heat like this, there's only one rule-- if you can't beat it, join it.

Further reading: Q&A with Phoenix's Christian Mazzalai.

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