Phil Spector's latest mugshot revealed


There's nothing that we could put here that isn't said better by the picture above. Phil Spector in his latest, and last, mugshot.

Until the inevitable 60 Minutes follow up on the tormented, murderous recording virtuoso, this wizened, pale, greased portrait of Phil Spector is the last you'll see of him for a long time.

He was snapped by the California Department of Corrections earlier this month and, according to The Smoking Gun (our one stop shop for photos of celebs at their lowest ebb), he was not permitted to wear his trademark wig.

In that absurd, teased out afro, Spector cut a clownish profile-- a creepy, off-putting sort of clown, to be sure. But then, aren't all clowns creepy and off-putting? And anyway, it was hard to look on Spector in that wig and fully accept that, in all likelihood, he was a deranged killer.

But with the wig removed, Spector seems, in every pitiful way, to be more and less than he ever was. He looks fearsome, and he looks scared. At once menacing, and menaced by the camera. We all could guess that he was bald under those bizarre toupees. But that his own hair would be so long and stringy, and so shiny with grease? His face so woefully drawn and gaunt? He's a man who's been living in a prison of his own making for decades, and it shows in this portrait. We can only imagine what a prison of society's making will do to him.

Anyway. It's all a mess. And we're as tired of talking about the story as you are of hearing it. But it's a story so long in the telling that, our weariness aside, it would be inappropriate not to toss out the book before reading the final line. Much to our disappointment, this one ends on a total down note.