Phil Spector convicted of 2nd degree murder


Phil Spector and his victim Lana Clarkson. Pretty sure Spector's the one on the left.

After a lengthy, painful mistrial in 2007; after dozens of inter office memos, lampooning Spector's outrageous in-court hairdos; after being tasered, cuffed and paraded about for over two years, Phil Spector's fate was finally sealed on Saturday afternoon, as a jury found the legendary record producer guilty of 2nd degree murder.

Here's the background: Spector met Lana Clarkson at the House of Blues, where Clarkson was working as a cocktail waitress. They'd never met before, but the diminutive Spector was somehow able to ply Clarkson back to his Los Angeles mansion. Unfortunately, Spector is no Casanova, and in one of the world's great first date bungles, Spector dimed the lights, put on a little light mood music, offered Clarkson a bit of dry chardonay, and then shot her in the mouth with a gun.

We at Gimme Noise thought we had been on some lousy first dates, but you'll not hear us complaining anymore. Getting stood up or stuck with the bill, or a bit of garlic breath in a goodnight kiss really can't compare to being shot in the head by Phil Spector.

The crime carries a 15 years to life sentence, which does not bode well for the 68-year-old record producer. All snark and cheap shots aside, it's a sobering end to a sobering tale. Spector's life, as chronicled in numerous biographies and testimonials, was a nightmare of neurosis and self doubt. To look upon his past is to see that this murder, in all ikelihood, was inevitable, the logical culmination of a life spent boiling in bitterness.