Phantom Tails and Dr. Strangelove at Cinema and Civics tonight

One of the better parts of a Twin Cities summer comes in the grossly underrated festivities over in Minneapolis' most densely populated neighborhood. As the sun goes down, the music and movies get started. That's right: tonight brings the latest installment of Cinema and Civics put on in Stevens Square Park, and they have a great line-up to sonically and visually assault attendees with (in the best way possible of course). 

First up is rising local band Phantom Tails, playing a whole slew of gigs with the likes of Zoo Animal and the Goondas through August which you can find at their MySpace page. Their sound is a garage-rock infused bout of funky 8-bit licks and totally refreshing for the great weather we'll be having all week. Do yourself a favor and don't slack on your arrival time- they are scheduled to start at 7PM.

Additionally, some extra activities will be within the park tonight: live panting by Rogue Citizen will bring the artistic flair and the Stevens Square Block Patrol highly encourages toting along your favorite picnic entrees to share with those in attendance for what is sure to be a tasty buffet. Afterwards, there are always community dialogues within these affairs, and Block Patrol member Ken Stroble will address the audience in keeping neighborhoods safe, an increasingly important agenda item for most community organizations in the Twin Cities. If that still doesn't get your goat, Whole Foods is giving away free cupcakes. 'Nough said.

Of course the main attraction here is Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove which will air when the sun goes down. If you haven't seen this masterpiece of a movie, it might clear up a lot of misconceptions or just plain confusion on the state of our government today. That, or it might piss you off.

Either way, you should lay your blankets out on the grass and sit back and relax in the glorious evening temperatures. Directions can be found here, and it's highly encouraged to public transport it to the event.

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