Peter Wolf Crier embrace their experimental side with new single 'Right Away'


Spending a lot of time on the road can sometimes have an adverse affect on a band's output -- some find it impossible to stay focused enough to continue writing songs amidst the relentless touring cycle, let alone make their way into a recording studio to lay down new tracks. But for Peter Wolf Crier's Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, their rigorous touring schedule has only seemed to propel them forward into a new sound and new set of songs on their forthcoming sophomore album, Garden of Arms, due out September 6 on Jagjaguwar.

[jump] Almost immediately after they began playing live, Pisano and Moen's live sound started to diverge from the dusky, subtle and restrained folk-shufflings on their debut record, Inter-Be. Pisano started relying heavily on everything from giant organ foot pedals to a looping machine to help him layer his voice and build on their sound, while Moen's drumming grew stronger and more dynamic, pushing them toward something resembling experimental rock. And that dabbling in experimentalism is what drives their new single, "Right Away," their first piece of recorded material that manages to capture the essence of their live sound (with the exception, perhaps, of the restless cover of Nick Drake's "A Place to Be" that they cast out into the internet ether last fall).

In anticipation of Garden of Arms' release, Peter Wolf Crier's label Jagjaguwar has released "Right Away" as a free mp3, which you can download below.

mp3 (right-click to download): Peter Wolf Crier, "Right Away"

Here is the full track listing for Garden of Arms:

Right Away


Having It Out


Cut a Hand

Setting It Off

Hard Heart

Haunt You

Loud Enough to Know

Never Meant to Love You