Peter Wolf Crier, Cloud Cult, and Halloween, Alaska drop new videos

Over the last few years the local music scene has come a long ways, from national recognition and "big indie" signings and more importantly a progressive, experimental spirit that seems valued above all else. Instead of a local sound it seems we have a local ideal: play well, don't languish.

Not to be outdone (and not being), local musically-oriented filmmakers have made serious strides in their work, and all three of these videos testify.

Covering Sade's "Love Is Stronger Than Pride," Halloween, Alaska have turned in a lovely, restrained cover of the brooding, topically consistent singer's 1988 song (aside: Gayngs covered Sade earlier this month as well, in a Daytrotter session which you can hear here), doing it all sorts of justice. Northern Outpost has always turned in greatly shot and well-recorded live performancs, and they've recently moved into full-blown music video territory and doing a beautiful job of it.

Another turn by Northern Outpost, this time with Peter Wolf Crier performing their spiral of a lament "Down Down Down" on a conceptual piece of cellulite celluloid [Freudian slip] set in the Fight Club basement (watch them act, too!).

Craig Minowa and company comes at us with an uplifting, cresting, and cacophonous song off their newest record, Light Chasers, released September 14th on their very own Earthology Records. Dan Huiting conducted the anivideographic proceedings, with animator Dillon Bakke using what looks to be a whiteboard (great idea) to tell the story of an adventurous little sleeper on a quest for love and icy profundity. Cloud Cult have steadily grown in scope and ambition over the last six or so years, and "You'll Be Bright" is a perfect example, and another expression of their preternatural optimism.

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