Peter Rothbart on Found Magazine's 10th anniversary, his bro, and "The Booty Don't Stop"

Peter Rothbart on Found Magazine's 10th anniversary, his bro, and "The Booty Don't Stop"

Peter Rothbart, along with his brother Davy Rothbart, are two of the most fascinating characters coming to a Minneapolis stage this weekend. Ten years ago, Davy and Peter started the sensational Found magazine, an online sanctuary for lost and found notes and photos. Since then, Davy, a writer, and Peter, a folk singer-songwriter, have taken their collective acts on the road for a show partly inspired by the material of Found. Davy has published books, Peter has made albums, and the brothers have taken on a "road warrior" mentality.

This Saturday, the dynamic duo will take over the Nomad World Pub to celebrate Found's 10-year anniversary, the publication of Davy's latest book-meets-memoirs My Heart Is An Idiot, and Peter's most recent album, You Are What You Dream. Gimme Noise caught up with Peter Rothbart ahead of the show to discuss life on the road, what to expect at the Nomad, and, uh, how the booty don't stop.

Gimme Noise: So, you guys have been on the road since September 4. That's over two months. You still have one month to go, since you don't cap off this tour until December 16. Are you exhausted? Are you dead to the world? Have you tried to kill each other yet?

Peter Rothbart: [Laughs] Who wouldn't want to spend months on the road with their brother? It's a long intense trip, and we just pace ourselves. It's for work, too. We get to see the country, and we get to share our work everyone around, and you make some friends on the road. I mean, it has its ups and downs.

GN: Tell me a little about the format of the show. How does it look? Do you have a set, then Davy? Do you guys overlap or interact? What can an audience expect?

PR: We present a bunch of the material [from Found] from over the years. Davy does a good job of capturing the sentiment with which [the notes are] written, and I play songs that are based on some of those notes. Some of them are pretty ridiculous, and some of them are more serious. Davy is going to share some stories from his new book, My Heart Is An Idiot.

From the website: "FOUND by Chris in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 'I found this outside of an elementary school.'"
From the website: "FOUND by Chris in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 'I found this outside of an elementary school.'"
Found Magazine

GN: I found a clip on YouTube of you doing this song called "The Booty Don't Stop." Can we hope to hear that or any other material like that when you come to town?

PR: [Laughs] You will certainly see "The Booty Don't Stop." It's really one of my favorite songs, and that's a pretty top part of the show. I mix up the songs I play show to show, but that's there for sure.

GN: Let's talk about Found for a minute. It's been ten years--a full decade--since you started that publication, since it's been going strong. What is the significance of that to you?

PR: We never anticipated that it would last this long. When Davy started the magazine, he just thought it was a cool idea, and he just wanted to do it. I don't think he ever thought it would draw the kind of attention it has, or knew that people would be so captivated. We just get so much great support from around the country, and we get new people to be a part of it all the time.

GN: Where do you see things going in the next ten years?

PR: [Pause] I could just as easily see the magazine tapering off, or thriving and being twice as strong. I think it's really just going to depend on the wheel of the finders to make the magazine what it is.... Sorry if that's a vague answer. We don't have set times, we don't have a goal in mind. It's just something that we've put our hearts into, and as long as people are giving love back to it, it'll go on.

GN: With all the time you have on the road, all the years and all the treks, have you guys picked up any weird habits?

PR: We've been doing this for ten years now, and we're different now. I used to be a lot more enthralled by the feel of the road and the sights passing through the country and the cities. Now I'm like a veteran of the road, and I've seen it all, and it doesn't thrill me as much anymore. But I still feel like there's more to discover out there, like every show we do, we meet someone cool that we've never met before who will show us an amazing time or take us to some amazing place. We're just learning about--it sounds so cliché, what with the election stuff--but we're just learning about our great country, and we get to see it from a different perspective. I would recommend to anyone, definitely, to see the country this way.

Join Davy and Peter for Found Magazine's 10th Anniversary Show at the Nomad World Pub on Saturday, November 10. 8 p.m. $7 cover. Details here

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