Pet Shop Boys asked to change name by band of dimwits


PETA at their finest-- tricking TV stars into taking off their clothes.

They might have gotten to Adam Ant (see the change from "Stand and Deliver" to "Save the Gorilla:), but they'll never get to the Pet Shop Boys.

Sounds like a joke, but it isn't-- representatives of PETA, with straight faces and everything, asked the long standing new wave band to change their name to Rescue Shelter Boys, after more than 20 years under their current moniker.

This marks a laughable confluence of bad thinking-- first, PETA obviously over estimates Pet Shop Boys' celebrity in the 21st century. I mean, what possible change could they affect in the lives of the feathered and furry defenseless with such a publicity scheme?

Second, it really proves that PETA has run out of things to do with their spare time. We at Gimme Noise don't begrudge any activism. Power to the people, take it to the streets, so on and so forth. But Jesus, hounding some faded 80s act to change their name? You're not winning you or the animals of the world any friends here.

The Pet Shop Boys, naturally, declined with all requisite politeness, and Gimme Noise would love it if PETA just quietly went back to doing what it does best-- panhandling outside the Wedge for our spare change.