Pentatonix become the youngest act booked to play this year's State Fair

Pentatonix: Just so you know what you're getting into here

Pentatonix: Just so you know what you're getting into here Photo by JUCO

Do you love music but hate musical instruments?

Well, you’re in luck, because Pentatonix will be a cappella-ing their way to the Minnesota State Fair this August, subtracting all those distracting drums and keyboards and guitars from your favorite pop songs and leaving nothing behind but the sweet, sweet, sickeningly sweet sound of human voices.

The Sing Off champs and pop megastars will occupy the grandstand on August 30. Tickets are $40-$50 and go on sale March 24 via Etix.

With the commercial triumph of Pentatonix, the Glee-ification of pop music is complete. (Please let it be complete.). Those still mourning Leonard Cohen can take some comfort in the fact that at least he didn't live to hear the group include his overrecorded “Hallelujah” (sans bondage verse) on their most recent chart-topper, A Pentatonix Christmas.

Here, presented without commentary, is the Pentatonix take on the Beyoncé oeuvre.

These harmonizing twenty-somethings are by far the youngest act that’s yet been booked to play the grandstand this year -- Frankie Valli (scheduled to perform Monday, August 28) is older than any three members of Pentatonix combined.

The current State Fair lineup also includes the redundant pairing of Nickelback with Daughtry (Thursday, August 24), non-singing comedy person Jim Gaffigan (Saturday, August 26), angry Americans Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down (Sunday, August 27), and good ol’ John Mellencamp and Carlene Carter (Tuesday, August 29).