Pavement reunion actually happening


Everyone knows the old parable about the blogger who cried "Pavement reunion." You know... the bored blogger, tirelessly skimming the tendrils of the world wide web, decides to earn himself a little idle attention by posting "Pavement to reunite!"

Well, at the risk of being that blogger, as so many in the past have, we're posting one now. But only because this one actually seems to check out. Thanks to the good people at Pitchfork for doing the legwork on this one.

Unbate thy breath, Pavement fans-- Pavement is indeed booked to play a show in September of 2010.

Pavement's "Cut Your Hair" off of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

It's a long way off. But so is the 2012 Armageddon scenario, and tons of tinfoil hatters are counting down the seconds to that. We're sure you can cross off 370 days on your calendar.

To say that Pavement was one of the best lo-fi bands of the 1990s is limiting and understated. Pavement was among the very most influential bands of the decade period-- whatever fidelity you wish to pick. There's a reason fans have been clamoring for a Pavement reunion since the moment of their break up in 1999.

But no one should be surprised to find that Pavement remained stalwart and deaf to the impassioned cries-- they were always marked for their stubbornness and devotion to their own ethical code. Even at the height of their popularity, with major labels calling like college recruiters after A.P., they remained strictly indie (a fact that earns them no shortage of cred among the holier-than-thou indie set).

Anyway, mark your calendars, and book your flights to NYC now-- Central Park will be the place to be on September 21, 2010.