Paula Abdul: A YouTube Tribute


Yesterday, Paula Abdul announced that she is leaving American Idol after eight seasons of judging. While we can't say we've actually sat through an entire episode of American Idol since, well... actually, we've never been able to make it through a full episode. But boy, have we gotten a kick out of all those WTF is Paula saying? videos on YouTube.

In honor of Abdul's graceful exit (via Twitter, of course) from the most ridiculous televised spectacle of our generation, we present a collection of YouTube clips from American Idol--mixed in with our favorite '80s Abdul music videos, to balance out the crazy.

Paula, this is your life...

  1. Oh dear. Something tells us that's not Coca-Cola in that red cup. Gotta love it when she throws in a "no pun intended" after NOT MAKING ANY PUNS.

  1. To recover, watch this video of Paula dancing with MC Scat Cat.

  1. Here's another awkward AI moment, in which Paula confuses the contestants and can't remember how many songs anybody sang, much less how good they were.

  1. Cleanse! Cleanse! Here's her video for "Straight Up."

  1. This time, she's drunk on a morning news show. This is actually pretty hard to watch. "Seattle is full of delusional people!"

  1. Do you remember that Paula Abdul Diet Coke commercial? The one where she is superimposed into a bunch of old movie dance scenes?

  1. This one isn't quite as terrible, but she still isn't making any sense. The look on that poor kid's face while she's talking...

  1. Let's end this on a high note. Here she is on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1990, looking absolutely adorable and speaking coherently.