Paul Westerberg talks to the Village Voice, hints at new solo material


It's not often that Paul Westerberg talks to the press these days -- a fact that Village Voice contributor Peter Gerstenzang brags about in the intro to his new Q&A -- so it's interesting that the former Replacements frontman has shown up not once, but two separate times in New York blogs this past month. 

In both yesterday's Village Voice interview and a recent "exclusive" with Rolling Stone, Westerberg hints at the fact that he's sitting on tons of new material that may not ever see the light of day.
[jump] In the Rolling Stone interview -- which was almost completely overshadowed by a tsunami of hype from the publication itself, who teased that they were maybe-possibly breaking the news for a Replacements reunion despite most of the quotes in the piece indicating otherwise -- Westerberg scoffed at the idea that his now-legendary band would ever play together again in an official capacity, but said he was working on assembling a 'Mats box set and had written an album's worth of new solo material in the last few years.

Westerberg teased Rolling Stone with info about his new songs in a way that was so, well, Westerberg of him: "I have enough stuff to release one tomorrow, but why bother? In this day and age, my thought is to make a song everyday and erase it as a sort of Dadaist protest."

But in this week's Village Voice Q&A, he takes a different tone.

Are you thinking of putting out a proper solo album again, or have you had it with the industry?

I'm always writing and I have plenty of songs, but I think the Glen Campbell record is a bit of a test to see if people still buy records. Or go for my stuff. I'd like to go on record and say something concrete, but I can't. So, we shall see.

Ah, the old "I'd like to go on record, but I can't" line. So tantalizing. So vague. Still, it sounds like a new Westerberg album is far more likely than anything else from the Replacements camp these days, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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