Paul Westerberg shares brand new track "My Road Now"

Paul Westerberg shares brand new track "My Road Now"
Photo By Steve Cohen

There really hasn't been anything conventional about the music or the means of Paul Westerberg's recent creative output. Whether it's surprising the music world by making a collection of his lo-fi home recordings, 49:00, available digitally on Amazon for 49¢ in 2008, then cheekily releasing a companion piece "5:05" shortly thereafter to make the entire work 49 minutes, putting out the off-kilter EP, PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys, in 2009, reemerging as Mr. F in 2010, or performing songs at Target Field later that year, Westerberg has consistently kept us all guessing as to what his next musical move (if any) might be.

It turns out that the first solo track shared by Westerberg since '09 is a reflective, piano-laden number entitled "My Road Now," which surfaced earlier today via the local blog I Will Dare.

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Earlier this morning, Westerberg's manager sent a brand-new recording by Paul to local blogger Jodi Chromey, who runs the site I Will Dare and is a massive fan of the Replacements and Westerberg (if the title of her site didn't immediately give that away). She was obviously thrilled, and tweeted the following:

And while it doesn't appear that this is part of any larger, yet-to-be-released work as of now, it's still thrilling to hear something new from the reclusive former frontman of the Replacements.

The poignant, emotional track is given a bit of levity at the start, with a false start followed by a scolding "fuck me" from Westerberg, before he eventually gets the stirring song right. The end of the plaintive number even features sardonic praise from Paul himself, "All right, got through ONE."

Here's to hoping that this one new song eventually leads to many others, and Westerberg shares whatever he's been working on with his dedicated longtime fans who can't wait to hear it.

As for "My Road Now," give the new track a listen below and let us know what you think of it.

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