Paul Westerberg filmed at Target Field

Former Paste editor Steve LaBate and filmmaker Scott Sloan are in the midst of a trek called "40 Nights of Rock 'n' Roll," in which they travel the country rounding up musicians for interviews and performances, and they've been keeping their stop in the Twin Cities a secret until today. It turns out the pair came through town yesterday to meet with reclusive Replacements lead singer Paul Westerberg, who agreed to meet the filmmakers at Target Field and performed two songs for their upcoming documentary. Even though the video footage hasn't been released yet (their publicist expects the initial videos to surface in the next few days), it's already piquing the interest of local Twins fans and music nerds alike.

From the press release:

They all sat in the warm sun while the ground crew worked on the field, and then he played two acoustic songs standing in the Twins' dugout: a new one about rock & roll and baseball (something about "dangerous boys of rock & roll"), and then he sang on of filmmaker Steve LaBate's favorite ballads, "Time Flies Tomorrow," from the album "Eventually."

After that, they sat down on the dugout and talked about rock & roll and Big Star and The Beatles and the Stones and Brownsville Station; they traded stories about Fenway Park and Wrigley Field, and then they all got to jump down on the warning track for a few minutes. As LaBate said, in his typical understated manner, "It was a good day."

We'll post video footage of Westerberg's performance as soon as it goes live. Other bands on the docket for the "40 Nights" documentary include Jonsi, Of Montreal, the Drive-By Truckers, and more; check their full itinerary here.

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