Paul Rudd on Prince: He's a genius

The resemblance is uncanny.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Hot on the promotion circuit for his new buddy film Prince Avalanche, actor Paul Rudd dealt with an avalanche of inquiries about his fandom for the Purple One. Fortunately, "I'm serious about Prince Rogers Nelson," he remarks to interviewer New York Magazine writer Julie Klausner and rolls with her questions. Nothing about the legend joining Twitter, though. 

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From his early memories of getting aroused by "Little Red Corvette" to an explanation that might mean you never listen to "Darling Nikki" the same way again, this is press junket pleasure.

Not to say that

Maya Rudolph's Princess band

needs any additional help, but it sounds like he'd be equipped for a cameo -- he says he was a big enough fan of Dr. Fink from the Revolution that he bought some scrubs and wore them.

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