Paul McCartney's comin' to Duluth! (Pssst, Sir Paul: You mean the other Duluth.)

Paul McCartney waves "Hello, Goodbye" to his fans in Duluth, Minnesota.

Paul McCartney waves "Hello, Goodbye" to his fans in Duluth, Minnesota.

Oh, Duluth. For your sake, we wish it were true.

On Tuesday, Paul McCartney -- ex-Beatle, current British Knight Bachelor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth -- announced a set of tour dates throughout these here United States. Sir Paul will play 14 American cities through about three months, starting with a July 5 date in Miami, and ending with an October 1 concert in Detroit.

Notice how in that last sentence, we didn't need to say add the state-level descriptors "Florida" or "Michigan," because Miami and Detroit are large, well-known American cities. There are a few other American cities with those names, sure, but they're not the kind of places a Beatle schedules a gig.

But McCartney (or his press materials, anyway) seem to have confused two other cities that share a proper name and nothing else. As one line reads:

"From there, ‘One On One’ takes Paul to three cities and venues he’s never played before: July 13th at the Infinity Energy Arena in Duluth MN, July 15th at CenturyLink Center in Bossier City LA, and July 19th at the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita KS."

And while it's true that Paul's never sang "Nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah yeah," at the Infinity Energy Arena in Duluth, MN, that's because that venue doesn't exist. The 13,000-capacity stadium to which this release refers is in Duluth, Georgia, not Duluth, Minnesota.

Another point in the same release identifies how and when "American Express® Card Members" can get exclusive access to Paul's concert in "Duluth, GA." Correct! But then a few lines down, the date-by-date lineup has Paul headed back to Duluth, MN, on July 13. Incorrect!

We hate to break it to the Iron Rangers, but McCartney will not take the Long and Winding Road from Tampa to Lake Superior; anyone climbing Duluth's steep streets in pursuit of Sir Paul looks For No One, and is just a Fool on the Hill.

What this little mistake should mean, though, is that McCartney owes one to the good people of Duluth comma MN, and should schedule an actual gig there as soon as possible. We know just the guy for his people to talk to about that.

Directions are simple: Head north from New Orleans, Paul. We'll just put some bleachers in the sun, and have it on Highway 61.