Paternity tests, pop-punk memories, and manhunts in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos



Last year on Halloween, I challenged Minnesota musicians and directors to decorate my inbox with their Halloweeny music videos, and the results were a graveyard smash. Let’s see if we can do it again.

I know for sure we’ll have at least two on-theme videos for Michael Myers Day next week, but I want to see scads more come in. Devilish rap videos. Garage-pop visions of Dracula. Whatever’s rattling around in the crypt of your creative mind, I want to see it and share it. I want this to be a tradition at Local Frames, and I’ll make a pledge right here to make it one: Next week, we’ll feature any and all Halloween-themed videos submitted to Local Frames, regardless of whether there are 5 or 15.

If you make the spooky stuff, well, I’ve got a column for it to haunt.

Dima Kash – “Love/Hate”

Most message-driven music videos feel like PSAs, meaning the lesson gets lost in the corniness. For their newest video collaboration, rapper Dima Kash and director Sam Armstrong decided to give their pro-family anthem “Love/Hate” a cinematic feel. The plot of the video follows a father at war with his girlfriend, denying responsibility for their child. However, when tragedy strikes, the loss makes the father wish he’d reconsidered the family before him.

The Revenge Wedding – “Room on Fire”

Former Warped Tour attendees will find a lot to love in the Revenge Wedding’s new video for “Room on Fire.” The power-chord-driven jam combines everything that was fun about being a reckless teen—anxiety, energy, ennui—with the all-too-real struggles of transitioning into adulthood. The video cuts together various Revenge Wedding performances as the band tries to shake off the stress of having a 9-5, adapting to mood enhancers, and searching for a sense of place in corporate America.

JamesG – “Making Moves”

Straight outta Duluth comes JamesG,who introduces himself like any good Duluthian—by rapping from the back of a camper van. The van in the video for “Making Moes” does have a deeper meaning, though: It’s the van that JamesG took across the country this past summer. The vehicle represents JamesG’s ambition to get out of Duluth and onto the national radar, but it also shows that the words on the chorus of “Making Moves” are not an aspiration; they're a commitment he’s ready to repeat. “Making Moves” is the first single off of JamesG’s new EP, Dumb, which drops November 16.

Rich Mattson and the Northstars – “EZ Rider”

Rich Mattson and the Northstars make the kind of blues-tinged alt-country that makes for a good companion on long, lonesome rides. For their new single “EZ Rider,” the band imagine a man on the other end of their songs, cruising along looking for rest and companionship. It's all conjured in a mix of live and archival footage that gives the feel you’re touring the landscape right alonside them. The song comes from January’s forthcoming record Totem. Check out the riders themselves on November 3 at Mortimer’s. Rich Yarges and the Pop Mechanics fill out the bill.

Dividing Eden – “Giants”

Are you ready to rise up with the fire? Minneapolis alt-rock band Dividing Eden challenge their fans to wake up and start fighting in their new song “Giants.” To better galvanize their audience, the band released a fierce-as-hell video with director Jesse Lynch. Drawing inspiration from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the video tells a story of a trunk, a crossbow, and a determination for revenge. Dividing Eden’s next LP, Giants, releases on November 9. Join them that night at Route 47 for a gig with Version 5, Divide the Fall, and Lake Avenue.

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