Patches and Gretchen set to release her debut album Thursday evening

Patches and Gretchen CD Release Turf Club Thursday Oct. 9th 9pm

Be there as Gretchen Seichrist (aka Patches and Gretchen) brings her traveling pony show to the Turf Club this Thursday. Seichrist, with her Patti Smith defiance and Bob Dylan bedhead, is celebrating the release of her first CD, Songs from Little Big Pink.

Seichrist is truly a unique voice in local music, not to mention quite a powerful presence -- her playful, deadpan musings play the perfect counterpart to her sweetly simple songs. Her songs are lovely, lonely, pretty, vulnerable and tattered. Seichrist is accompanied tonight by her pals Brian Tighe and Allison Labonne from the Owls who also open with their new band, The Starfolk. The Tisdales play last.

A girl with imagination and ingenuity, Patches and Gretchen is so much more than a kooky chick with a guitar. Check out my feature article on Gretchen Seichrist from the print edition of City Pages.

--Michelle Leon

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