Pat Miles on TC Hardcore, 1983


Not pictured-- WCCO's Pat Miles.

A huge thanks to Chuck at Organ Conduit for unearthing this priceless gem from the cobwebby corners of YouTube.

The video is a WCCO look into the Twin Cities hardcore scene, and features the austere, bob-do'ed Pat Miles as a Virgil into this ring of musical hell (or so I'm sure WCCO regarded it).

Hey--from the looks of the footage, Miles (or, at the least, Miles' unpaid intern) got up close and personal with Willful Neglect, the local hardcore legends long believed to be completely unfilmed.

This footage is priceless for numerous reasons--firstly, the raw footage it contains of an especially elusive and industrious chapter of our local music history is almost beyond belief. The interview material with Wilfull Neglect, as well as live footage of local basement culture over two decades ago, is particularly revealing.

But even for those who couldn't give two shits about our cities' safety-pin and leather vest heyday, seeing a particularly pie-eyed Pat Miles going completely deer-in-the-headlights and uttering such phrases as "For those kids into hardcore, April and her friends are called 'posers'" (does the transcript of this show spell it with or without the 'u'? It's unknowable) are good for more than a laugh.

To Miles' credit, this is a stunningly straight-faced piece of journalism on a music genre that was intensely hot to the touch. Hardcore, in this, its most violent era, was as open to exploitation as was gangsta rap in its day (see the famed interview with Eazy E, where he brandishes an M16 through the entire bit). To WCCO's credit, there's little to object to in this illumnation, even if Miles does seem to go a little bitter in the tongue when talking about songs like "Life Is Ugly So Why Don't You Kill Yourself."

Whatever your motives, watch and marvel.