Passion Pit to play TCF Bank Stadium for U of M Homecoming

Passion Pit to play TCF Bank Stadium for U of M Homecoming
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

We get it, Passion Pit -- you're a huge deal. From a pair of First Avenue shows last fall to a headlining gig at Summer Set just over the border in Wisconsin this year, the Cambridge synth-pop act has a draw that's on the rise. With an EDM sensibility fused inside their indie circuitry, the group has attracted a young and fervent crowd over the years, and will skip the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza phase and go stadium-sized with their next Twin Cities-area show.

TCF Bank Stadium is a massive upgrade -- massive enough for U2, in fact -- so it'll be interesting to see how many people are gonna go "Take a Walk" later this month when Passion Pit plays the annual U of M Homecoming Concert.

"It's only open to one side of the stadium, so it won't be the entire capacity," notes Nathan Waldvogel, who is Marketing Manager for Student Unions & Activities. He says the total ticket sales will be 9,781 -- significantly smaller than what U2 pulled for a full stadium in 2011.

There are more than 50,000 students in the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities system at any given time, so there are theoretically plenty of bodies who can pack a Passion Pit show. And a $20 ticket is cheaper than what they commanded at First Ave last fall. The public will have to decide if $40 is still a reasonable amount for what Erik Thompson referred to as "far too pedestrian and bland to hold the attention of much of the audience" in his assessment of Summer Set earlier this year. Or you might trust Natalie Gallagher, who called one of last year's shows "a thing of beauty."

Since the TCF doesn't host full-scale concerts much at all, any event of this time will bring the curiosity of the music-going public. Aside from Kenny Chesney, U2, Soundset, and a few others, this still has the potential to be one of the largest outdoor concerts in Minnesota history -- if the demand exists to get it there.

Passion Pit. With Hoodie Allen. $20 (students) $40 (general public), 7:30 p.m., Friday, September 27, TCF Bank Stadium. Tickets here.

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