Pass the Dutchie

Just got home from seeing Amsterdam's ISH company perform 4-ISH at Children's Theatre Company. The show features about ten young people performing skate tricks, breakdancing, tapdancing on in-line skates, doing what can only be described as extreme-sports dancing, and showing off martial-arts moves. In other words, it is Nirvana for eight-year-old boys (though there were certainly plenty enough girls in attendance, who knew a cool-fest when they saw one).

The show features an extended DJ interlude that is totally credible, and a human beat box good enough to make one pine for the glory days of the Fat Boys. Some of it was lost on my four-year-old, but he came home raving about the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequence, which was a highlight for me as well. Speaking from the adult perspective (that is, as much as I am capable), it was a fun hour. If you take a kid, they will think you are the coolest adult in the universe. Until they get a little older and realize that you are the cause of all of their many problems.

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