Party with the Nomad World Pub this Sunday

Party with the Nomad World Pub this Sunday
(picture courtesy of Rob J Brooks via Flickr)

It may be hard to believe the Nomad is only four. Its Jaws-themed mural is a familiar part of the West Bank. Its music shows are affordable and showcase local talent. Its bar activities are unique--where else can you play bocce ball or test your brain with a science trivia pub quiz hosted by Dessa from Doomtree?

This Sunday, the local hot spot will turn four with a party. Show up around 4 p.m., the grill will be fired up and serving burgers, brats, and even some vegan options. Guests are encouraged to bring toppings and condiments to share. Around 5 p.m. something termed "Baptism by Fire" will occur. According to the press release it will involve beer, cognac, and a hot poker.

The rest of the afternoon will include a parade of music acts, including DJ Turtleneck, Running Scared, Jesse and the Rippers (aka City on the Make), and Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapels whole will take the stage at 10 p.m.

This afternoon birthday party is free. Partiers are encouraged to dress in costumes, though it is not required. Nomad World Pub is located at 501 Cedar Ave S. on the West Bank in Minneapolis. For more info call 612.338.6424 or visit

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