Par Ridder for Kevin McHale?

Is there a local organization more dysfunctional than our professional men's basketball team? Well, yes, at the moment, that would be the Newspaper of the Twin Cities.

One perk of Pi Press-turned-Strib-publisher Par Ridder's follies is the blog Par Excellence, dryly written in the voice of a pseudo-Par.

Aside from updates on the latest Stribulations, useful Excel tips (har-har) and an imagined ongoing feud with local media scribe Brian Lambert, Par Excellence has offered one striking coincidence: The boy-wonder newspaper scion looks a bit like that old Iron Range rim-rattler Kevin McHale.

Well, close enough for us to make this suggestion, anyway: Why not a straight up trade, McHale for Ridder? The Timberwolves, burdened by a number of fat contracts orchestrated by McHale as the team's GM, would certainly be a leaner machine with Ridder's bosses at Avista dishing buyouts like so many no-look assists. And given McHale's penchant for big-time deal making, he might just trade the entire newsroom for the staff at the Boston Globe. (Eddie Griffin as managing editor, anyone?)

All in all, it seems like a risk worth taking—shrinking attendance figures verses shrinking circulation figures. Really, what's the difference? It might inspire the troops on both sinking ships. The only wrench in the whole deal: Who has to take T-Hud?

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