Paper Toy and Pop Out Show opens this Saturday night

Remember when you were a kid and used to create origami? Perhaps you could fold a killer swan or paper balloon. Now, imagine if you continued to develop your skill for the art, eventually turning it into a career. Termed urban paper design, these artists create impossibly intricate, colorful, and captivating sculptures, pop-ups, and toys out of a simple piece of paper.

For this exhibition dozens of animators, designers, and print artists from around the world have folded, unfolded, and exacto-knifed a variety of paper pieces. Participating artists include Megan Brain, whose paper art has been featured in commercials as well as the credits of Madagascar II. Local design and print artist King Mini will be creating something colorful. Sal Azad, who currently resides in Indonesia, has designed a series of puppets inspired by Hindu religion and local folklore. Chilean artist Angello Garcia Bassi (aka Cubotoy) folds paper toys that are reminiscent of urban vinyl toys, such as Munny.    

This show will mark the grand opening of Pink Hobo Geek Art Gallery (507 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612.216.3924). The space is run by PUNY, the animation studio behind Nick Jr.'s Yo Gabba Gabba! Their scheduled shows for 2009 look to be fun and impossibly colorful, and include themes such as data art, light installations (as part of a Halloween party), and derby art cars.

The opening reception for "Paper Toy and Pop Art Show" starts at 7 p.m. and runs into the evening Saturday, April 8. For more information, check out their website/blog at The show runs through May 13.

Check out what Matt Hawkins, author of Urban Paper, is working on for the show: