Paper Tiger drops Prince mixtape

Paper Tiger drops Prince mixtape

As per usual, the Doomtree crew are staying busy during these frigid months.

MC Sims is preparing to drop his latest banger, Bad Time Zoo, on February 19 at the Fine Line with an all-star cast of from the Doomtree litter. His knack for elegant prose is just as elaborate as the packaging for the new disc, as is laid out in the first single, "Burn it Down."

Meanwhile, P.O.S. with Marijuana Deathsquads are kicking off a residency in Los Angeles at the infamous Spaceland this weekend, with fellow Doomtree MC Mike Mictlan making a cameo in a couple weeks, along with others on the revolving bills with headliner and host, Har Mar Superstar. The crew are quite smart to take the show on the road and stay put in warmer climate for the weekly gigs on the Left Coast.

Holding things down at home, and just in time to warm up for the weekend, Paper Tiger brings it with another of his sweet mixes. This time with hometown pride he mixes things up with a batch of purple favorites from the beloved Prince.

From the Doomtree website, Paper Tiger explains:

"After spending some time in Minneapolis last weekend, I had a talk with some friends about who sold more albums, Prince or Bob Dylan. Turns out the Purple funk machine sold a few more, so I dedicated this mix to him. Good thing too, although a Bob Dylan mix would have sounded kinda nice, this is way more funky."

While a real challenge would be to make a funky Bob Dylan mix we know this is a can't miss antidote to these last weeks of Winter chill and relish in knowing you won't get much done on this Friday afternoon besides turning the office upside down and into a proper dancefloor. So enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE (right click): Paper Tiger 20-Minute Mix #9

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