Paisley Park’s reopening… but there are rules. (Aren’t there always?)

The atrium at Paisley Park.

The atrium at Paisley Park. Associated Press

If you thought Paisley Park had a lot of rules before, well, visitors to Prince’s home once it reopens to the public on Wednesday, July 1, will be met with an even greater set of COVID-19-related requirements.

“In accordance with Gov. Tim Walz's guidelines and to help ensure the safety of visitors and staff, Paisley Park has implemented health precautions including a ‘no touch’ admission, reduced capacity, smaller tours, and frequent cleanings,” reps for the Park announced today. A more complete discussion of their health and safety guidelines can be found here.

First things first: You still can’t bring your cell phone in. Of course. That, as ever, is locked away in a little bag. (Don’t worry: It’s sanitized.)

Now on to the coronavirus-related restrictions. This is mostly common-sense stuff that anyone who’s behaved responsibly over the past few months should have down pat already.

All tickets must be purchased online in advance. And there will be no cash transactions conducted on the site.

At the gate you’ll undergo a health screening, where you’ll be quizzed on coronavirus symptoms and asked to leave if you’ve displayed any.

You have to wear a mask or some other face covering. (Branded masks will be available for purchase at the door, of course.) Tour-goers must stay at least six feet apart.

So there you have it: Stay home if you’re sick. Don’t use cash. Cover your face. Practice social distancing. This is elementary life-in-a-pandemic stuff. You’ve got this.