Paisley Park opening to public in jeopardy after Chanhassen City Council flinches

Chanhassen isn't sure it's ready for Paisley Park to open to the public.

Chanhassen isn't sure it's ready for Paisley Park to open to the public.

Prince was a consummate performer. 

He was also a perfectionist. If things weren't right, he didn't rush to put on a show he was going to regret. A "non-exhaustive" list maintained by the fan site PrinceVault reveals hundreds of times the late Minnesota rock/funk virtuoso was scheduled to go on, but didn't take the stage.

On Monday night, this same spirit of loyalty to craft might have imbued the performances of a handful of less artistic players: the Chanhassen City Council.

The local governing board voted not to approve a zoning change required to open Prince's Paisley Park to his adoring fans, some of whom are presently holding tickets for a Thursday morning grand opening. 

The 3-2 vote to table the Paisley Park measure puts the opening date of the hotly anticipated Paisley Park "museum" in jeopardy: As the Chanhassen Villager reports, the council has until December 23 to approve or reject the zoning adjustments. (If it fails to vote yes or no by that date, the rezoning request goes into effect automatically.) 

Among other hold-ups, city officials were worried about how traffic and the safety of pedestrians -- many of them stopping by to take photos or pay tribute to Prince -- would be affected by the museum's opening. 

Some testifiers at Monday night's meeting suggested it's too soon after Prince's April 21 overdose death to throw open the doors at his recording mecca and concert venue. 

Council member Bethany Tjorholm echoed those thoughts, saying the city had "one chance to get this right," before joining the small majority that blocked the rezoning.  

When's the next chance? Unclear. But MPR notes ticket holders eager to get in starting Thursday received a vague update from the Paisley Park operators, who cited the council's vote, adding simply, "We will email you with updates very soon." Tickets run $38.50 for 60-minute self-guided tours and $100 for 100-minute "VIP" tours. 

Members of the media were scheduled to get a tour of Paisley on Wednesday, the eve of its public debut. City Pages has not received an update on whether that preview will still take place as scheduled. 

Regular concertgoers will know these sorts of things happen. Even (perhaps especially) with someone like Prince. Ticket holders to Paisley will be praying this time the show's postponed instead of canceled.