P. Diddy party so hot it'll set your hair on fire


Here's a little dose of WTF for your Thursday lunch hour... So it turns out P. Diddy's been hosting some rad parties and livestreaming them on the web for all to see. Last night, Diddy invited a group of 20 close friends to come hang in the penthouse of a Manhattan hotel to celebrate the release of his new album, Last Train to Paris, and naturally about 200 people showed up and crammed into his suite.

[jump] As a group of lovely ladies in bikinis gathered 'round a hot tub and hype man Kevin Hart addressed the livestream crowd with tales of the bash, one poor girl got too close to a candle on the edge of the tub and lit her hair on fire.

"Oh shit, did the camera catch that?" Hart cried, rushing toward the camera's lens. "Cut the camera off!"

The inflamed partygoer quickly submerged herself in the tub and put out the fire, but the fire department was still called and the New York Post says Diddy is no longer welcome at that particular hotel. Oops!