Own a Har Mar Superstar painting by Michael Gaughan

Own a Har Mar Superstar painting by Michael Gaughan
Photo by Erik Hess

It's not every day that eBay proves worthy of mention on Gimme Noise, but today bidders should pay close attention to an item up for grabs that combines artistic gifts of two locally tied creative minds. In 2011, Michael "Ice-Rod" Gaughan painted a powerful watercolor featuring three overlapped images of a topless, majestic Har Mar Superstar. It was so well-liked that the triple portrait became incorporated into the artwork for the singer's latest album, Bye Bye 17.

And if Gimme Noise didn't have all extra resources devoted to a trip to Toronto to see the reunited Replacements play WITHOUT Har Mar, this one-of-a-kind piece would be worth the splurge.

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From the eBay listing:

This is the Original watercolor painting of the legendary HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, It was painted in 2011 and later incorporated into the cover artwork for his most recent album, "Bye Bye 17". the size is 30 x 22 inches. Painting is on Archival Watercolor Paper. This painting is signed and UN-framed. THERE IS NO FRAME. It Comes in an archival sealed plastic sleeve, carefully rolled in a 24 inch tube. I will ship it with insurance. Please check out my other artwork w w w dot Michael-Gaughan dot com  Let me know if you have any questions, happy bidding.

Own a Har Mar Superstar painting by Michael Gaughan
Artwork by Michael Gaughan

The maniacal laughter, the swagger, the shirtlessness. It's all there in brilliant watercolor. Gaughan recently left for San Francisco, but we will remember his endeavors here -- from creating a Marshall stack-shaped cake to rapping to unsuspecting Chatroulette users -- for a long-ass time. At the moment, the painting sits at $1,500, but we could see this thing going a lot higher. Although "Lady, You Shot Me" has proven to be one of our favorite singles of 2013 so far, we won't soon forget what could be our favorite painting in recent memory.

For comparison's sake, this is how the artwork was incorporated into Bye Bye 17.

Own a Har Mar Superstar painting by Michael Gaughan

Make it part of your personal collection and wake up to Har Mar every day by placing the winning bid here.

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