Owl City's Breanne Duren covers Black Keys' "Everlasting Light"

Local singer-songwriter Breanne Duren, who plays keyboard and sings in Owl City, has debuted a new music video featuring a cover of the Black Keys' "Everlasting Light."

The song originated on the indie-blues act's 2010 album Brothers, and immediately struck a chord with Duren, who tells Spinner that the first time she heard the song, "I had a mini heart explosion because I loved the groove so much." And though that might make us worry for her circulatory system's health, it need not affect our assessment of the music at hand.

With an abundance of backing vocals surrounding the track in warmth, Duren actually seems to be singing much lower in her range than Dan Auerbach's reaching falsetto in the original. Both versions are soulful, but Duren's seems to be the more modern of the two. Not that it's a competition, but we'll say that it's a better fit for her style of songcraft than her bandmate Adam Young's recent Johnny Cash cover.

Here's the original:

And here's Duren impressively singing -- splitting the difference between Joanna Newsom and Lana Del Rey -- most of this while riding a bicycle (helmetless, ack!) through South Minneapolis. The clip was shot and edited by Dan Stewart.

Breanne Düren "Everlasting Light" (The Black Keys) from DC|Creative on Vimeo.

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